Aug 13 2017

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Plumbing Cost Guides

Clogs – Sewer, Sink, Bathtub

Clogs represent the No. 1 plumbing problem. But they’re not always serious. A backed-up toilet, for instance, might just need swift work with a plunger. Or not. The most common sink problems involve the garbage disposal. Many of these problems can be avoided by being careful with what you stuff into it. Avoid corn husks, celery, grease, meat and starchy foods and always run plenty of water down the drain with disposables. Disposal clogs, like those in the toilet, can often be handled with a plunger. But if your disposal doesn’t come on when you flip the switch, it may be jammed. You’ll want to unplug the unit and follow the troubleshooting directions that came with the disposal.

If none of these measures fix the problem, you probably should consider calling a professional.

Serious plumbing problems might require not just replacement of a pipe or two but cutting into walls or flooring. Labor is almost always going to be your biggest plumbing expense, so the more involved the job, and the more that has to be torn up, often the more costly the job.

Sewer and Septic Issues

Septic issues stink. Literally. If you find you have a sewer or septic tank issue, keep your family away from the leak, and call a plumber immediately. The rush nature of the job might cost you a bit more, but it will keep your family safe and it will hinder further damage to your home. Waste water can contaminate your ground water, surface water and your yard with bacteria. Sometimes the fix may be as simple as fixing a clog, but other times it could be more complex, such as replacing a section of pipe. The key is to act quickly before a small problem becomes a big one.

Other Plumbing Cost Tips

It’s always best to shop for a new plumber BEFORE your kitchen sink turns into Niagara Falls. Consider looking for a plumber for non-emergency jobs, such as moving a sink in a bathroom or changing out faucets. These can be handled as you do other work with contractors: Get a firm estimate and make sure you’re apprised of any problems that arise.

Factors that affect cost include the quality of and number of fixtures, the time it takes for the job and when the job is needed. Holidays, weekends and after-hours emergencies, of course, will cost more.

Be aware that most plumbers and rooting companies charge upfront fees just for showing up, though those fees usually can roll into the cost of repairs and renovations.

Going for the lowest bids can be problematic. Some companies offer lower hourly rates, but then tack on “equipment fees” and other extras you might not have anticipated.

Also, be aware that not all companies employ licensed plumbers. If the job is a simple root-out-the-clog, that might be OK. But licensed plumbers are almost always better at diagnosing tricky problems (expect them to bring micro-cameras and other fun gadgets), and they’re more likely to warranty their work.

One way to save money on plumbing is to consolidate jobs. If you know you’ve had a leaky faucet in your bathroom for weeks, ask your plumber about it while he or she is working on your toilet. It could save you money in the long run.

My plumbing experience was to have the plumbing disconnected under the sink so the counter top and new sink could be installed. I thought the service of $115 was high, but usually if there is an additional fees, it is usually rolled into the cost of repairs or labor. This company also charged 3.75 % for putting it on a credit card, which was not mentioned until I received the invoice in the mail after paying on the phone.

Then of course they had to come back to reconnect. They charged another $119..00 for service and 1.5 hrs for labor $198 and $54 for parts and rolled neither of the service charges

So to have the plumbing disconnected and reconnected $499.44. Definitely not an amount I expected.

I think it is rather rude and a bit dishonest for people to not divulge their total fees upfront, an of course we should know to ask. But the normal person wouldn’t know the questions to ask until they are burnt once like this, and then there still could be costs for walking up stairs or charge another service call if they need to go somewhere to use the bathroom and come back. THAT ISN’T A QUESTION I WOULD THINK TO ASK.

However I won’t call this company again, and of course I will share my experience with other people who are talking about plumbing.

More than 1 year ago

A Plumbing job is not the same as a sewer job which is much more expensive in my experience.

More than 1 year ago

To much money. I paid $507. Nice service fellow, but did not like BIG BLUE’S STRIGHTFORWARDPRICING list. Mine is listed as a #5 that dose not show faucet replacement. We talked about the air gap for the dishwasher but nothing was replaced. My agreement addendum form

#3 Nothing about a air gap item #RA2-401 costing $i66. I did not know I could cancel the job when the job pricing was told to me. Again, if I knew what the job was going to cost, I would have said NO WAY.


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