Aug 13 2017

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The Industry-Leading True SaaS Platform

LeanTMS is an easy-to-use transportation management system with robust functionality. As a true SaaS model, users benefit from faster innovation, scalable solutions, and a world-class data center called the LeanLogistics Transportation Network. With one platform and a single workflow for transportation planning, execution, settlement, and procurement, LeanTMS delivers increased efficiency and reduced spend.

Improve Your Transportation Strategy

LeanLogistics Managed Transportation Services maximizes your company’s transportation budget through people, process, and technology. A team of logistics experts are dedicated to helping your company build a better supply chain. The process involves using actionable intelligence to make strategic changes for continuous cost savings year after year. The technology streamlines planning and execution and reduces company overhead.

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Leverage Data to Reduce Cost and Improve Service

LeanLogistics is always driving innovation in supply chain technology and one way our customers benefit is from actionable intelligence. Our true SaaS model provides 16 years of transportation data. This scaled, neutral network is completely transparent. No other company on the market has this density of information. Actionable intelligence provides a way to challenge the transportation climate and give your company a competitive advantage.

Find out how to unlock information about your supply chain with actionable intelligence.

Build Better KPIs with a Neutral Network

The LeanLogistics Transportation Network is a professional social network on steroids. It allows users to connect with peers, aggregate data, and execute transactions. This neutral network is one of a kind with 16 years of transportation data. Thanks to a true SaaS model, everyone connected to LeanTMS can experience the decision-making power of the transportation network.

Discover how to increase efficiency while lowering cost.

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