Nov 15 2017

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Assistive Technology

Assistance Centers:

  • Maryland Technology Assistance Program: (
    technology related assistance to individuals with disabilities.
  • North Dakota Interagency Program for Assistive Technology: (
    provides links and resources.
  • Special Education Technology: (
    designed to assist school districts in British Columbia in meeting the technology needs of students with physical disabilities and visual impairments.
  • Technology and Inclusion: (
    support organization for people with disabilities.
  • Texas Assistive Technology Partnership: (
    provides information, conducts training and technical assistance and works with policy makers to support children and adults with disabilities.

Assistive Technology Information:

  • Assistive Technology Act of 1998: (
    document of the Act.
  • Assistive Technology and IDEA: ( )
    defines AT as both a device and a service.
  • disABILITY Information and Resources: (
    resources for all areas.
  • Helpful Hints on Getting Assistive Technology Devices and Services through Your School District: (
    describes the responsibilities of school districts.

Assistive Technology Organizations:

  • Alliance for Technology Access: (
    network of community-based Resource Centers, Developers, Vendors and Associates.
  • Assistive Technology, Inc.: (
    premier developer of hardware and software solutions for people with physical, cognitive, and speech disabilities.
  • Center for Applied Special Technology: (
    uses technology to make education more flexible and accessible for all students, especially those with disabilities.
  • Closing the Gap: (
    computer technology in special education and rehabilitation.
  • Equal Access to Software & Information: (
    online training on accessible information technology for persons with disabilities.
  • National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education: (
    library, workshop, tours, and events.
  • National Center for Accessible Media: (
    working to bring media access to all of television, web, movie theaters, and more.
  • Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic: (
    educational library for those with print disabilities.

Funding Assistive Technology:

  • Assistive Technology Public Funding Source Guide: (
    key and source guide.
  • Family Village: Funding Assistive Technology: (
    accessibility shopping mall of resources.
  • Financing Assistive Technology: (
    handbook for funding.
  • Financing of Assistive Technology Devices and Services: (
    a report to the President and the Congress of the United States.
  • Funding Assistive Technology: (
    links and resources.
  • Funding Assistive Technology: (
    available pamphlets.
  • Funding Assistive Technology: (
    a legal report.
  • Informed Consumer’s Guide to Funding Assistive Technology: (
    provides sources of information.

Making Accessible Web Pages:

  • CAST – Bobby: (
    helps you test your web pages to see if they are accessible.
  • Designing More Usable Web Sites: (
    dedicated to cooperative efforts linked toward building a more usable Web for all.
  • Web Page Accessibility: ( )
    a comparative study.


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