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5 Interactive Elementary Math Websites

Posted January 29, 2013 in Online Learning Updated September 24, 2015

Online Learning Updated September 24, 2015

The following online math resources for grades K-5 have been provided by federal and state government agencies and publishers of educational software. The majority of interactive online activities are traditional in presentation. Some of those at higher elementary grade levels invite scientific thinking and exploration. Adding a level of online activities to conventional math education can be a great way to enhance classroom lessons.

Here are five popular interactive websites for elementary math. These sites offer much more than just elementary math, so make an effort to click around.

  1. Internet4Classrooms. Provides free, easily accessible resources for students as young as Pre-K or as old as high school. This site includes SAT/ACT resources, as well as links for assessment information and printables for the classroom or home.
  2. Education Place by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. This site consists of three main sections for educators, students and families. As a product of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, this site works best when users have the appropriate textbooks.
  3. National Center for Education Statistics. As part of the U.S. Department of Education and the Institute of Education Sciences, this website is most suitable for more advanced math students. It has a great “What’s New” section, for parents and students to keep in form with the latest and greatest in math.
  4. This website has everything! Material for a wide range of grade levels, as well as teachers and parents. It also offers several webcasts and engaging videos and games for students. Subjects are sorted neatly for students to easily find material on their own.
  5. The Center School District. This resources is geared toward educators specifically. The Center School District adopted the Everyday Math Series for those in grades kindergarten through fifth. It’s designed so teachers can easily implement new lesson plans into their monthly schedules.

We identified math-specific topics based on grade level appropriateness. Some are from the websites above, while others were found on other popular math websites.

Grades K-1

    • ABCya! produces free interactive educational math games for elementary school children.
      • Counting Fish is a counting game for kindergarten and first grader students. It’s colorful, animated pictures, and engaging speaker help create a virtual world under the sea. Children click on the number that matches the number of fish they count. This early learning activity employs a hint system to reinforce learning of number values. There are three levels of difficulty and students must score at least 70 to move up to the next level
      • Marble Math is a beginning math game that helps students with beginning addition. Students are instructed to count different amounts of marbles, helping them learn different strategies for addition.
    • Simple Fractions. Students can practice interactively with word problem representation and receive immediate feedback once an answer is entered. They must be able to read to perform this activity.

Grade 2

  • IXL Learning provides real-time feedback for students. When you enter an incorrect answer, a corrective explanation pops up to show students their mistake, and how it should be done. The site covers numerous a wide variety of second grade math concepts:
    • Counting and number patterns
    • Comparing and ordering
    • Names of numbers
    • Patterns
  • TeachingTime UK has a timed quizzes matching analog and digital times. This is a great forum for students who thrive when put in high-stakes quiz situations. Students can compete against each other, and become very comfortable with reading a clock.

Grade 3

  • Internet4classrooms offers interactive third grade skill builders in the following subject areas:
    • Rounding and estimating
    • Telling time
    • Word problems
    • Counting money
    • Addition and subtraction
    • Multiplication and fractions
    • Place value

Grade 4

  • Internet4classrooms provides fourth grade skill development in:
    • Estimating
    • Counting money, telling time, roman numerals
    • Word problem practice
    • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
    • Fractions, multiple operations, number relations and place value
    • Geometry and measurement, coordinate planes
    • Shapes and angles, measurement of area and perimeter
    • Temperature

Grade 5

  • National Center for Educational Statistics has an excellent toolbox for students to practice creating online graphs. It is user friendly and encourages students to try new ideas because there is no penalty for experimentation.
  • Internet4Classrooms offers comprehensive 5 th grade math coverage:
    • Mathematical processes
    • Number operations
    • Algebra, geometry and measurement
    • Data analysis, statistics and probability

A safe place for students to fail, and learn

Online resources give students the opportunity to explore math on their own and to try things without fear of failure. It’s important to give students multiple approaches to learning. All of the resources mentioned are either free or inexpensive and can help teachers and parents contribute to a robust math education for students.

This section explores the depth and breadth of eLearning, online learning, distance learning and blended learning for K-12 and higher education. Resources for educators who need a guide to the free websites and online services available to enhance their lesson plans can be found here. Articles on the job outlook for online educators, eBooks and digital citizenship are just a few examples of the information contained in this section.

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