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6 Best Laptops For Kids in 2017

With kids today using computers and tablets faster than they learn how to speak, looking for the best laptop for kids isn t something we can take lightly. Besides buying one for merely entertainment, we re dealing here with one of the most important tools for their development too.

Your children s computer will have an impact on how at ease they will feel when they are introduced to computers in middle or elementary school and beyond.

A well chosen laptop such as shown on this article will give your kid a good introduction to technology, mathematics and an overall better foundation in science while also let him be able to re-watch episodes of Bob Square pants sponge or for your child to play Minecraft and other simple games.

Some kids , especially those under 10 year old or in elementary school, will not be able to fully take care of an expensive laptop as they simply don t have the capacity just yet. So we may also have to find a laptop that is cheap, quite resistant to physical stress they ll put on it while also being able to handle children s homework.

Finding a laptop with all these considerations in mind among the myriad of choices (not just laptops) we have today can be a total nightmare.

I have done all of that work and I m listing the best laptops for kids here. You ll find laptops for those who can t take care of their device or for those who are a little more grown up and can put them to good use . These laptops will also be useful for elementary school , middle school and entertainment while still being cheap enough for you to afford it.

I ve also included a complete buying guide right after this list for you to look for other options or more laptops yourself if you are looking for more options (laptop for toddlers, teenagers, etc). Rest assured the best laptops for kids of all ages as of 2017 are all being listed here.

Top 6 Best Laptops For Kids

Although there are far more features to take into account and the process of choosing children s laptops can be more complicated (as shown in the guide below), generally you can safely follow this general guideline when choosing a laptop for your kid.

Complex Laptops: Kids are extremely smart, you can give them a rocket ship and they ll fly to the moon in less than a week. So don t worry about how complicated a laptop may look at first. They ll learn how to use it and teach you how a thing or two later on.

Cheap Laptops: Aim for the cheapest choices if your kid is under 10 year old but make sure they can still last long enough for a school year or two.

Expensive Laptops: Don t be afraid on investing a bit more money if your kid is over 12 and needs a high performance laptop for both entertainment and to start getting advanced computing skills from today. It a worthy investment since your kid will take good care of it if he is old enough.

Best online study sites

Best online study sites

The HP Stream comes in two versions either having a 11 inch or 14 inch display. As you can tell by the figure it has a kid friendly color all around it and a huge bezel around the screen giving its kid-like look. The entire chassis is made of plastic but unlike other laptops near that price range it doesn t flex at any spot and feels quite sturdy and resistant to be taken to school back and forth. There are two colors which are both very vibrant and pleasant looking for kids and teenagers alike: sky blue and purple. If your kid is around 10 year old, then the 11 inch version will give him or her enough portability to bring it everywhere too.

Like every laptop shown here it has plenty of ports: USBs for external devices (a mouse is a must have for some light games kids play today like Minecraft, SIMS,etc), HDMI for presentations in school and a headphone jack for videos or video conferencing with good ol grandma.

Performance: What can this laptop do? School, Homework, Games.

Like almost all laptops shown here , the processor isn t the latest nor the fastest on the market but the Celeron based processor along with 4GB RAM is plenty for all school related assignments, software and the kind of games kids play today.

This model along with the 4GB of RAM is enough for web browsing with many tabs open, streaming videos from NetFlix or Youtube and any kind of game that s not expensive or demanding on a computer.

This laptop will also allow your child to play Minecraft, SIMS and other simple games.

Storage: What Can my kid store on it?

The size is only 32GB which is just enough for the software that comes along with the laptop and the software he/she will need for school (Microsoft office for the most part) and a few simple software the teacher may throw in.

It might be an issue if your kid is old enough to store tons of music playlists, videos, photos and play with expensive games.

If that s the case an external SD Card with 64GB can be bought and permanently attached to it to make it near 100GB which is plenty for all types of simple games and multimedia files as well as educational content and documents.

Despite having the speakers positioned below and the cheap price, the sound quality is pretty clear. Listening to music at high volumes and instruments are all distinguishable and clear around an entire room.

If your kid does love to listen music or likes to play cartoons/educational videos at full volume, this one shouldn t be an issue.

It comes with a camera too while not delivering the great quality images is enough to video conference with relatives and friends with no issues.

As mentioned it comes in 2 versions: an 11 inch and a 14 inch display. Both screens are not full HD but they do come with the advantage of having a matte display which is ideal to protect your kid s vision from long hours of using this laptop and also from any reflections that may happen with bright windows or when using it out in the sun.

The 11 inch version weights merely 2.2lb while the 14 inch version 3.3lb. If your kid is young and still small the 11 inch versions is small enough to easily fit in backpacks and be carried around with small hands. This size make it one of the best laptops for elementary school.

While the 14 inch is a huge screen size even for adults, it would be more ideal for an older kid who does multitask, plays more games and will do a lot of school work on it since the extra screen space will be of great benefit when trying to do multiple things at the same time: watching lectures, a word editor to type and getting his information from a website or digital book comfortably without him or her feeling too visually cramped. It comes with the caveat of being 3.3lb which isn t a bad weight at all to carry but might when trying to fit it in a backpack.

Brightness levels from both versions are below average, they aren t the best and they are not ideal to be used outdoors or next to bright windows. A low brightness screen however can actually be better for your kid, that along with the matte display will protect your kid s vision from reflections and too much light exposure if your kid decides to mess around with display settings.

Lastly, the battery life is average +6 hours but luckily sufficient for an entire school day to make sure you are the ones recharging it every now and then without your kid needing to be exposed to outlets himself.

The HP Stream comes with Windows 10 pre-installed , so you won t need to waste time and install it yourself or playing around with drivers. It might need an update or two but everything will start working flawlessly right out of the box.

It also comes with one year subscription of Microsoft Office(worth 99.9$) to save you even more money plus the 1TB of Free Cloud Storage which if properly used can be great for backups and to monitor your kid files/activities from anywhere too.

This laptop is perfect for kids of all ages: it s capable of running the simple games they play with such as Minecraft and SIMs, deal with the multimedia files they use (videos, music and photos) and have educational software(if there s any) from school installed on it too.

Plus all the other features(lightweight, matte with low brightness, decent battery life and clear sound) are spot on for his safety, health and entertainment too.

Older kids and teenagers may benefit from the 14 inch version while young kids should really go for the 11 inch version because of the portability.

I myself bought the 14 inch version for my sister but she decided to leave it mostly at home due to its size but uses it continuously for her assignments. If you have a 10 year old daughter I would suggest to buy the 11 inch laptop if you wish her to bring it school.

I would definitely consider this as one of the best laptops for all kids, if not the best one with Windows on it.

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