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Let us offer you our warmest welcome to the Career Education website. Our mission is to help career builders like you to improve their careers or to find career advice in order to implement a deep career change. Whether you’re at the start of your career or you have already achieved a middle or even a relatively high level, improving your career is certainly a legitimate concern which needs to be addressed carefully.

Education has always been the basic tool to shape a career, but things have changed in the past few decades as the developed world has undergone a thorough revolution based upon information and knowledge. Our grandparents and even our parents lived in a much more static career environment where the very concept search career advice was almost unthought of. A specialist telling them what they should and shouldn’t do about their jobs, and urging them to acquire newer knowledge and skills after youth would have been taken as a sort of charlatan. Our parents and their parents would study at youth and seldom acquire any further knowledge (other than by working). Career training was not an option after ordinary education. Only medical doctors and a few other professions would be keen on recycling. Companies may rarely provided any internal education other than the mere training to use a certain machine or tool. People didn’t feel they actually needed to learn anything more than they already know, or at least they didn’t think it mattered in terms of keeping their jobs or making progress in their careers. In this website we help you find the degree program for you and we may provide with FREE information on colleges near you!

Nowadays, continuous career training and career education may not be a plus but a need if you wish to progress in your career. Many executives who may have failed to take care of their career education realize too late that they have failed as career builders: they haven’t “updated themselves, for example, many executives and employees understimate the need to keep themselves up-to-date on IT training. In the best scenario it becomes hard for them to reach any further in their careers. In the worst cases, unless they get proper career advice they may go backwards because other people, including current subordinates, will manage their careers better through the permanent acquisition of knowledge and skills by means of career training, presential or online master’s degrees and other ways of career education.

As you will find out in these pages, Career Education is a broad concept, and one that is subject to permanent evolution and rethinking as the information society develops and reshapes our whole way of life. From joining Career Training to Career Counseling . or evening university studies or even an online degree program to improving your skills via short courses or self-learning, there are many ways in which career builders may attain their career education goals. Career coaching may also help you along the way as you may find the necessary advice to start your career as an employee or a freelance career .

From this career education homepage we plan to help you with the following things:

Our age has seen the development of skilled professionals into career builders. This section will specifically address this matter and provide related information and resources: at about career education we offer you a variety of career guidebooks and MBA career guides .

On this section we shall be providing post-university studies and other further studies, as well as a resource directory to find most of the top providers of such studies. This well help you to make a preliminary decision on a shortlist of universities and other educational careers institutions to contact for further information.

The Pro-active Career Approach.

This chapter will allow us to provide you with a new focus on your career. A career-aware attitude and decision-making will help you to target any short term project and to consider every small step in the light of your global career goals. This section includes information on sabbatical and other career breaks for further study or other ways to achieve further knowledge and skills.

How many of us actually take some time to test our careers? And yet, this is a most necessary part of any career builder’s long-term planning. You need to know what kind of individual you are regarding your career, and then you need to see where you have reached and which steering may be necessary. You may need to fully reconsider your career and take a radical turn, or you may be on the right path. Testing is therefore essential.

Career Education Counseling.

These are the people who may assist you to test your career and to take important decisions about it. Career counseling and coaching has become an important help to any career builder.

Jobs and Career Options.

Every particular kind of work requires a specific type of individual (in terms of his or her career orientation). The options you have will be determined in part by the work type you target.

Career Education: Foreign Languages.

Even if your native language is English, foreign languages have become extraordinarily important in this globalized economy. See how they can help your career.

Whenever you make a big career decision, these resources need to be at hand. It is important for you to manage them properly. Find information on career tests . career advice . career fairs . and career jobs .

Career Education: improve your skills.

On this part of our website we shall be presenting a complete set of personal skills that are necessary to any career builder. Two persons with the same studies and employment story may reach completely different career levels depending on many of theses skills, so we consider them extremely important.

Career Education Glossary.

This definitions are offered in order to ease your comprehension, especially when specifically educational terms appear. This short dictionary is also a way for us to establish what we actually mean when we make use of certain expressions along the site.

Career Education Bibliography and Online Resources.

On this section we are presenting a selection of books, audiovisual materials and resources you can download from the Internet to further explore the career education universe.

Spanish courses in Spain

These are the fascinating topics of the career education website. Enjoy reading.

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