May 18 2017

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About us

What we do

The Department for Education is responsible for education, children’s services, higher and further education policy, apprenticeships and wider skills in England, and equalities. We work to achieve a highly educated society in which opportunity is equal for all, no matter what their background or family circumstances.


We are responsible for:

  • teaching and learning for children in the early years and in primary schools
  • teaching and learning for young people under the age of 19 years in secondary schools and in further education
  • supporting professionals who work with children and young people
  • helping disadvantaged children and young people to achieve more
  • making sure that local services protect and support children

Our priorities

  1. Safety and wellbeing: all children and young people are protected from harm and vulnerable children are supported to succeed with opportunities as good as those for any other child.
  2. Educational excellence everywhere: every child and young person can access high-quality provision, achieving to the best of his or her ability regardless of location, attainment and background.
  3. Prepared for adult life: all 19-year-olds complete school or college with the skills and character to contribute to the UK’s society and economy and are able to access high-quality work or study options.

Read our single departmental plan to find out more about how we are performing against our objectives.

Who we are

We are a ministerial department supported by 18 agencies and public bodies .

Our staff are based at our ministerial offices in London and in a number of other locations around England. We work closely with national and local agencies who look after children, with local authorities, and with the professionals who work in schools, children’s services and health services.

Corporate information

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Corporate reports

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