Dec 31 2017

All About School Work for Kids #kids #school #websites

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All About School Work for Kids

Whatever grade level your child is in, he or she most likely has a lot of schoolwork that must be done. Keep reading for some helpful information about schoolwork and a few tips for helping your child get it done successfully.

How to Help My Child with Schoolwork

How Much Schoolwork Will My Child Receive?

The amount of schoolwork that you can expect for your child depends on several factors. What age is your child and what grade is he or she in? The schoolwork a 2nd grader will receive is substantially different form that of a 7th grader. Learning standards vary from state to state, so the school’s curriculum is influenced by where you live.

Also consider what type of school does your child go to and the type of program is your child in. The curriculum in a private school can sometimes differ greatly from a typical public school. Your child may also be in a special educational program, such as gifted or English as a Second Language. The focus of your child’s program will factor largely into the schoolwork that you can expect him or her to receive.

What Resources Can Help My Child With Schoolwork?

Kids work hard in school every day, completing worksheets, projects and paying attention to lessons. However, in order to do well in school, they may need to complete extra schoolwork at home. You can purchase books with educational worksheets and activities or download online materials for your kids to complete.

Many websites have free worksheets and learning materials for kids. You may want to ask your child’s teacher what skills your child should focus on. For extra reading work, you might use the free reading exercises and games available from a number of resources, both free and for pay. Similarly, if your child needs to work on writing, you can give him or her writing prompts for kids.

As for science, social studies, music, art, physical education, Spanish, French and any other subjects your child might be in, there are always resources that can help. Some may be local, in places like libraries, learning centers and youth facilities. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s teachers, education experts outside of school or other parents for helpful tips on finding resources in your area.

How Can I Help My Child at Home?

What happens at home usually has a large impact on what happens in school. It’s often positive to be firm and supportive at the same time. Create a space for your child where he or she can complete homework and study. Maintain a consistent schedule so that your child gets accustomed to doing schoolwork at the same time each day.

What If My Child Needs Extra Help?

If your child is struggling in school in any way, contact your child’s school to find out of there are any before school, after school or weekend programs that can help your child. If your child needs extra help outside of school, there are online or one-on-one tutors who can help your child with his or her schoolwork.

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