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By Frank James | December 29, 1992

Citing the need to keep college educations affordable, the Illinois Board of Higher Education is recommending a 1994 budget for public universities that includes no general tuition increases. For fiscal year 1994, which begins July 1, the board said Monday it recommended that the Illinois General Assembly give about $1.99 billion in state tax funds to state-supported universities and community colleges. That would represent a 3.8 percent, or $72 million, increase. The proposed.

Steve Chapman | June 22, 2014

The government normally doesn’t care whether you or I accumulate large bills for home improvement, a new car or exotic vacations. But Barack Obama feels no hesitation in concluding that the cost of higher education has placed “too big a debt load on too many young people. ” Therefore, something must be done. The problem with Obama’s analysis is defining “too big. ” Compared to what? Most of these young people, often in conjunction with their parents, have voluntarily shouldered student.

February 23, 2012

In “Can we keep colleges affordable?” (Perspective, Feb. 22) Michael McPherson and Sandy Baum attribute escalating tuition costs essentially to “the loss of government funding and the rise in enrollment. ” While true, this explanation is incomplete. Faculty and administrative bloat, plus the costs associated with remediating unprepared students, also contribute to rapid tuition growth. Data from the National Center for Education Statistics (Digest of Education Statistics) reveal that for the twenty years.

Tribune wire report | June 9, 2014

The Miss USA contestants were grilled on Sunday night about various pressing societal issues ranging from sexual assault to the controversy surrounding Bowe Bergdahl. While these questions would be tricky for average Americans to answer, the contestants were at least semi-prepared for the barrage of topical inquiries and awkward prompts. Here are five of the most challenging questions during the Q

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