Jul 14 2018

Assessment for Learning: Home, Assessment for Learning, learning websites for students.#Learning #websites #for #students

learning websites for students

Learning websites for students

on behalf of the education departments of the States, Territories and Commonwealth of Australia.

Learning websites for studentsLearning websites for students

Assessment tasks

There are 32 assessment tasks, covering the learning areas of English, Science, Studies of Society and Environment and Health and Physical Education, Languages Other Than English, Technology, The Arts and Mathematics – or their State and Territory equivalents.

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Professional learning

One of the main purposes of this site is to provide professional learning for teachers in regard to Assessment for Learning. The assessment tasks are therefore supported by professional learning modules, each of which covers a separate aspect of Assessment for Learning.

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Research background

What is formative assessment/ Assessment for Learning? What does the research say about its effectiveness in promoting student achievement? Information about Australian and international resources is available here, as well as links to other relevant websites.

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Learning websites for students

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