Mar 27 2017

Best Free Spanish Websites for Kids – Spanish Playground #websites #for #kids #to #learn

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Websites can be a useful way to give kids more exposure to Spanish and help them stay in contact with the language during the summer. After a long day at the pool or the park, an online game can be a good way to rest and get out the sun for a little while. These free websites for kids have Spanish activities of different types and at a variety of levels. Most of these websites for kids are designed for Spanish language learners. A few are intended for native speakers but work well with second language learners, too.

Mi mundo en palabras is one of my favorite websites for kids learning Spanish. My post about Mi mundo en palabras lists the topics in each lesson and gives helpful information for parents who do not speak the language.

PBSKids creates great games in Spanish. Oh Noah is a fun series of videos and games for children who are starting to learn the language.

Aprendizaje de la lectoescritura is excellent for beginning readers because many activities combine text with audio. There are four levels with a variety of activities at each level. Click comenzar and then choose the nivel (level). Choose a letter and you will get screenshots of activities. Mouse over the screenshots to enlarge and hear what the activity is. The activities in levels 2, 3 and 4 involve combining syllables to make words, matching words to images, and ordering words in phrases.

Rockalingua has fun songs, lyric sheets, games and worksheets. These correspond to thematic units used in elementary Spanish programs.

Ciudad17 has games to practice basic concepts like shapes, colors and numbers. Quite a few of the games have audio.

TuDiscoveryKids has tons of videos and games with favorite characters like Pocoyo, Peppa and Cailou. It is one of the websites for kids that is designed for native speakers but has activities that work with Spanish language learners.

Chile crece contigo has games for preschoolers that work well with older kids for vocabulary practice. This description of the games might be helpful for parents that do not speak much Spanish.

OnlineFreeSpanish has lots of games to practice a wide range of vocabulary. They also have mini books and printables.
There are many other websites for kids with Spanish activities. Please share your favorites below!

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