Nov 13 2017

Blended Learning: Resource Roundup #interactive #learning #resources

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Blended Learning: Resource Roundup

What Is Blended Learning?

At P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School, integrating digital content with face-to-face learning has led to impressive gains in student achievement.

After two years of blended learning, a low-performing high school became one of the country’s best. Read about how they shifted the learning, teaching, and culture.

Miller discusses the current state of blended learning in schools and challenges to implementation that remain.

In this video, Sal Khan discusses blended learning and how virtual learning can increase opportunities for open-ended and creative learning experiences in the physical classroom.

Want to know more about the flipped-classroom model, a popular form of blended learning where traditional lecture and homework elements are reversed? Access additional resources on Edutopia’s Flipped Classroom page; the “Flipped-Learning Toolkit ” is a good place to start.

Getting Started With Blended Learning

Teachers in blended learning programs should take the opportunity to learn and lead — your ideas and observations are worth hearing and acting upon.

Small, Jr. offers four practical tips for getting comfortable with blended learning: don’t assume every kid is a tech wiz, be wary of online textbooks, use PowerPoint sparingly, and encourage student-to-student communication.

Middle school teacher Wolpert-Gawron discusses what it takes to become a blended-learning teacher.

Wolpert-Gawron discusses the necessity of protecting face-to-face (F2F) and real-time teacher interaction while conducting online programs and presents five necessary components for creating blended-learning models.

Dabbs discusses a variety of resources available to teachers just getting started with blended learning.

Tools and Strategies

Have you thought about using video in your teaching, but don’t know where to start? Video enthusiast Bill Selak has some tips and tricks for creating new videos and curating existing ones for the classroom.

Learn how one educator has found a way to put a single iPad to use so the whole class benefits.

Gonzalez proposes the “In-Class Flip,” a type of blended learning that incorporates the video lecture element as one of several stations that students visit during their class period.

Edutopia’s VideoAmy uncovers some of the best tools online that enable teachers to engage students with educational web videos.

Miller discusses several strategies teachers can use to promote student engagement in a blended-learning environment.

Brunsell discusses themes from five different action-research projects in blended classrooms, illustrating some of the benefits of and challenges to blending online social learning opportunities with traditional face-to-face discussion.

Blended Learning in Practice

In this video, filmed at Oakland’s Unity High School. educator Peter McIntosh discusses how he has re-engaged students in math using resources from Khan Academy .

Lenz introduces Melissa Meyers, a high school English teacher at Stanbridge Academy and teacher of students with special needs. She discusses the promise and challenge of integrating education technology in her classroom.

Markus discusses the “Rocketship Hybrid School Model” at Rocketship Education and the results and implications of an independent study that showed improvements in math scores for students who had access to online math instruction.

Marcinek presents a conversation with Rich Kiker, Director of Online Learning at Palisades School District. This district is the home of the Palisades Cyber Academy. an online and hybrid-learning program.

Additional Resources on the Web

Defining and Getting Started With Blended Learning

Tips, Tools, and Strategies

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