May 19 2017

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Webinar | IDEA Behavioral Support and Discipline | OSER’s Dear Colleague Letter

In this September 2016 CPIR webinar, Renee Bradley, of OSEP, is joined by representatives from Parent Centers, protection and advocacy agencies, and state directors of special education to unpack the important “Dear Colleague” letter released by OSEP regarding behavior and school discipline and discuss its impact on the field.


Visit the CPIR’s Repository of Resources and access a treasure trove of products related to children with disabilities.

Find your parent center

Every State has at least one Parent Center that provides information and training to parents of children with disabilities, birth to 26. Find your State’s Parent Center and connect with a world of expertise and resources.

Parent technical assistance centers

Are you a Parent Center looking for technical assistance? Contact your regional Parent Technical Assistance Center. The regional PTACs are here to support your work with families of children with disabilities!

Just for Parent Centers

This space is for Parent Center staff only! Login, set up your profile, and receive permission to join these private work spaces to work with and share resources with our network of PTIs and CPRCs serving families with infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities

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