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ministry of education online courses

Ministry of education online courses

A certified lay minister is a certified lay servant, certified lay missioner, (or equivalent as defined by his or her central conference) who is called and equipped to conduct public worship, care for the congregation, assist in program leadership, develop new and existing faith communities, preach the Word, lead small groups, or establish community outreach ministries as part of a ministry team with the supervision and support of a clergy person. (¶268)).

Certified lay ministers are laypersons, and as such may not consecrate the elements at communion, perform weddings, receive new members, or perform baptisms. The CLM, however, may perform all of the other duties of a pastoral leader within the ministry setting he or she is assigned. It is important that as a CLM, you consult with your CLM mentor or district superintendent to ensure that there are no state laws that would prohibit you from performing any civil ceremonies such as funerals.

The East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church offers four CLM modules for those wishing to become Certified Lay Ministers. While originally intended for members of the East Ohio Conference, several other United Methodist conferences accept these modules as CLM credit as well. We recommend you check with your pastor, district superintendent, or conference office to make sure these courses are approved for certification as a lay minister in your conference. Each conference is different, and some do not accept these courses for CLM certification.


Click the links for more information about each training, and scroll down to see all scheduled 2017 dates. Each of these courses requires access to a copy of the United Methodist Book of Discipline. Students in CLM Module 1 must have completed the Basic Lay Servant Ministries course plus a Spiritual Gifts advanced LSM course.

CLM Module 1: Call and Covenant for Ministry

  • 2018 dates coming soon!

CLM Module 2: The Practice of Ministry

  • 2018 dates coming soon!

CLM Module 3: Organization for Ministry

  • 2018 dates coming soon!

CLM Module 4: Connection for Ministry

  • 2018 dates coming soon!

Continuing Education for Current CLMs

BeADisciple offers courses that meet continuing education requirements for those who have already been certified as Certified Lay Ministers. These courses are taught by Dr. Joshua Reichard, who teaches our CLM modules. These courses are approved in the East Ohio conference; if you are not in the East Ohio conference please check with your conference leadership before enrolling to ensure that they will approve these courses for continuing education credit.

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