May 20 2017

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Character Education Lesson Plans, Activities, Programs, Resources

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How to Do
Character Education:
An Overview

The BIG PICTURE, made clear and simple

You are a character educator.Whether you are a teacher, administrator, guidance counselor, custodian, or school bus driver, you are helping to shape the character of the kids who interact with you. It s in the way you talk, the behaviors you model, the values you transmit. Yes, for better or for worse, you are already doing character education. This article shows how you can take control of the process and create rich, meaningful character building experiences for your students across the curriculum and throughout a wide variety of different teaching environments.
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Your character is defined by what you do, not what you say or believe.

Every choice you make helps define the kind of person you are choosing to be.

Good character requires doing the right thing, even when it is costly or risky.

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