May 19 2017

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Schools/Educational Nonprofits

The CFL website provides schools and educational nonprofit organizations with registration forms for requesting excess computer equipment. The excess computer equipment becomes available as federal agencies upgrade their existing computer equipment. Agencies report property to the GSAXcess CFL module and schools will be able to view what is available in their geographical area.

As part of the CFL reengineering, schools and educational nonprofit organizations will be able to search and select computer equipment using the new CFL module. This new way to do business will facilitate the transfer of computers and peripheral devices (FSC 7010, 7021, 7025 and 7035) in a more timely and equitable manner for federal agencies, as well as the eligible schools/educational nonprofits.

The registration form asks for detailed information and statistics. If you attempt online registration and cannot complete all mandatory fields, you will be unable to register.

We recommend that you print out a copy of the registration form and obtain all the information needed to complete it BEFORE going to the online registration.

Once you register, you will be required to update both your registration form and your equipment request at least once during the school year. Registrations and requirements that are not updated at least once during the school year will be deleted from the CFL database.

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