Oct 13 2017

Criminology Major, Sociology, Anthropology, Criminology, and Social Work, Eastern Connecticut State University, criminology degree requirements.#Criminology






Criminology degree requirements


Criminology Major

The Criminology major examines the nature of criminal law, the causes and consequences of criminal behavior, and societal responses to crime and offenders. The program is designed to approach the study of crime and crime problems primarily from a sociological perspective. Students must connect theoretical explanations of crime with empirical study. A unique feature of the program is its emphasis on social inequality and diversity. Students who earn the degree enter the field with greater understanding of social and cultural differences, and how these impact experiences and attitudes about crime, offenders, and the criminal justice system. Students are required to complete an internship. More generally, students earning a degree in Criminology receive a liberal arts education that enhances their critical thinking skills, research proficiencies, and writing abilities. The Criminology major appeals to students interested in careers in adult and juvenile justice systems-including law enforcement, the courts, corrections, counseling, non-profit/community organizations-as well as those contemplating graduate degrees in criminology and related subjects.

Admission Requirements: Any student interested in studying criminology may declare a major in Criminology.

Requirements: Transfer students wishing to complete a major in Criminology must complete 21 of the credits applied to the major at Eastern. All Criminology majors must maintain an overall 2.0 GPA and a 2.0 GPA in the required courses. Students majoring in Criminology may double count up to six credits in the LAC and major.

University Writing Requirements: Criminology majors satisfy the Tier II writing requirement by taking SOC 350: Methods of Social Research. They satisfy the Tier Ill writing requirement by completing CRM 450: Criminology Senior Seminar.

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