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Deduct – definition of deduct by The Free Dictionary #educt





[d d kt] vt [+ expenses, payments, tax, fees, money, interest, costs ] déduire
to deduct sth from [+ sum ] déduire qch de, retrancher qch de ; [+ wage ] prélever qch sur, retenir qch sur
to be deducted from être prélevé (e) sur
Tax will be deducted from your wages Les taxes seront prélevées sur vos revenus.




to subtract; to take away. They deducted the expenses from his salary. aftrek يَحْسِم، يَخْصُم изваждам deduzir odečíst, srazit abziehen fratrække; fradrage αφαιρώ. κρατώ restar. descontar maha arv(ut)ama کسر کردن؛ کاستن vähentää déduire לְהַפחִית, לְנַכּוֹת काटना, घटाना oduzeti levon mengurangi draga frá dedurre 差し引く 차감하다 išskaityti atvilkt; atskaitīt tolak aftrekken trekke fra odejmować جلاكول، بېدلول، لږول، كمول، منفى كول descontar a deduce удерживать odpočítať, odrátať odšteti odbiti dra av, räkna ifrån ลบ çıkarmak. indirmek 扣除 відраховувати; віднімати منہا کرنا khấu trừ 扣除

deˈduction ( -ʃən ) noun

something that has been deducted. There were a lot of deductions from my salary this month. aftrekking خَصْم، حَسْم изваждане dedução srážka der Abzug fradrag αφαίρεση. κράτηση deducción mahaarv(ut)amine کسر؛ کاستن vähennys déduction הפחתה. ניכוי कटौती oduzimanje levonás potongan frádráttur detrazione 控除 공제액 išskaitymas atvilkums; atskaitījums potong aftrekpost fradrag potrącenie تفریق desconto scăzământ удержание zrážka, odpočítanie odbitek odbitak avdrag, avräkning การหักลบ kesinti, indirim 扣除額 відрахування منہا کردہ رقم sự khấu trừ 扣除额



vt. descontar; rebajar.

His face blazed with wrath, and he shouted in stentorian tones that echoed down the universe, “I shall deduct the cost of those cuffs from your wages

Deduct the board and hold the balance for me until I see you.

Deduct the dress and the carriage of Madame before you estimate the gross expenses of the family, for dress precedes everything; then see what remains for the education of the children (a girl of eight and a boy of nine, whose maintenance must cost at least two thousand francs besides) and you will find that Madame Rabourdin could barely afford to give her husband thirty francs a month.

Let me see; four fives is twenty, double that, and deduct the–well, a pound either way shall not stand betwixt us.

A disposition began to be perceived in him to exaggerate the number of years he had been there; it was generally understood that you must deduct a few from his account; he was vain, the fleeting generations of debtors said.

I won’t deduct for it; I look to you to make it up handsomely by keeping the expenses down.

In Ingram, the Tax Court held that a towboat operator could currently deduct the costs of cyclical towboat engine maintenance.

To avoid being “whipsawed”–having different tax treatments for each party result in its collecting no tax–the IRS inconsistently determined that Hawley could not deduct the payments and that Gilbert must include them in her gross income.

With the transfer, you can deduct the interest you pay on the loan if the principal amount is less than $100,000.

For example, you might be able to deduct $300 out of a $400 monthly payment.

461-1(a)(2), the taxpayer should properly accrue and deduct the gross receipts tax imposed by the State of Maryland in the calendar year following the end of the income year.

The IRS announced September 12 that it would allow employers to deduct. without detailed documentation, up to 48.

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