Jul 31 2017

DWI Attorney Syracuse #dwi #lawyers


DWI Defense Attorneys Syracuse, NY

Team Green Lawyers Working to give you back your life.

Criminal Defense for Criminal Charges, Traffic Tickets, and DWI.

At Green Brenneck, we understand that when you ve been charged with a crime, you could lose everything that s important to you. Our Defense Attorneys take their knowledge and experience as former prosecutors and use it to build the best and toughest defense ensuring that we focus on what s most important: you.

Being charged with a crime can change your life. You could lose your car, your job, even your freedom. Our attorneys understand what s at stake and are here to help you when you need it most. Whether you ve been charged with a felony, misdemeanor, DWI, or a simple traffic violation, we can help you get the best result possible.

We are in the business of serving our clients and pride ourselves on honest, accurate, and trustworthy representation. That is our commitment to you.

As a team of former prosecutors, we provide a unique understanding of the varying practices in the local courts throughout Central New York. Our experience and training combined with our understanding of the law results in a tough and effective defense so you can regain your peace of mind and get back to your life.

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