Nov 14 2017

Early Education and Care #early #education

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Early Education and Care

Healthy development depends on the quality and reliability of a child s relationships with the important people in his or her life, both within and outside the family. These relationships lay the foundation for a wide range of later outcomes that really matter self-confidence and sound mental health, motivation to learn and achieve, the ability to control behavior and resolve conflicts, and knowing the difference between right and wrong.

That s why one of the most critical decisions you make as a parent is choosing an environment that will help you nurture your child s growth and development, and set the stage for future learning.

EEC recognizes the essential role parents and providers play in safety awareness. The database of Level 3 sex offenders is publicly available through the Sex Offender Registry. Additionally, information on Level 2 sex offenders may be accessed through the Sex Offender Registry Board or your local police department.

A full listing of the laws, regulations, and policies in place to ensure the highest standards of quality in Massachusetts early care facilities.

Welcome to the EEC Licensing Homepage. Here you will find resources for licensed educators, providers and childcare staff and information for those interested in becoming licensed by EEC.

When parents and families have supports and resources they need to facilitate children s healthy development, they are building a strong foundation for future growth. In this section you will find resources on important issues like: child development, education, nutrition, health and safety.

Early childhood is a time when social, emotional and cognitive development are tightly connected. Knowing what separates effective programs for children during these important stages of growth is essential to ensuring the future prosperity of the Commonwealth.

This section provides a full collection of resources – information, regulations, and applications – to help make sure that primary care providers and early care program administrators are working in harmony to support those effectiveness factors that will provide the most productive early care environments for children.

Highly interactive, stable and responsive interactions with caregivers are prerequisites to the growth of healthy brain architecture. When providers receive the training they need, they can create the nurturing and interactive environments that help set the strong foundation necessary for all future learning and development. In this section, you will find tools and resources to help both current and future EEC providers achieve the skills and credentials necessary to provide for the healthy development of Massachusetts next generation.

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