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Educate – definition of educate in English #educate



Definition of educate in English:

she was educated at a boarding school

More example sentences

  • I would like to focus on educating teachers for middle-school math and science.
  • Physicians and some nurses are educated at universities, and tertiary education is expensive.
  • Though the students were educated exclusively in English, in a rigorous academic situation, English is a foreign language rarely heard outside of school.
  • He was educated at Oxford University, graduating in 1948.
  • Another important role for our colleges and universities is to embrace the notion of educating the whole student.
  • Reaching these students is one of the solutions in the challenge to educate qualified teachers for the future.
  • Many people are unaware of the role our nation’s more than 1,200 community colleges play in educating students today.
  • It is devoted to the responsibility of universities in educating their students and preparing them for life in this century.
  • If you see the analysis of our vote, you’ll see that most people were educated, middle-aged, intellectuals, with strong support too from young people.
  • She suggests that the focus of the community college be on educating students and encouraging students to become active and responsible citizens.
  • English language is also a major concern for many community college students, including some whose parents are highly educated.
  • Farmers and tradesmen who could count on a surplus of income at the end of the year were able to educate their sons at grammar school, and even at university.
  • He was educated at Haileybury and University College, Oxford, where he read history.
  • I thought of the convent school in which I was educated from kindergarten to high school.
  • University educated women had 35 per cent lower fitness than those who left school as early as possible.
  • Women are also educated in universities and they can be hired as religion teachers in schools.
  • He was educated at Georgetown University as an English major, and took only one journalism class.
  • He was educated at Cambridge University, where he received a BA, MA and MD, after which he became a senior fellow.
  • How can we as teachers educate students to be more sophisticated laborers?
  • He was educated at home by private teachers, and also showed talent in art.

teach. school, tutor, instruct, coach, train, upskill, drill, prime, prepare, guide, inform, enlighten, edify, cultivate, develop, inculcate, indoctrinate, improve, better, uplift, elevate

  1. 1.1 Provide or pay for instruction for (one s child), especially at a school.

she had crises of conscience about how best to educate her youngest child

More example sentences

  • That way parents can educate their children in schools that are paid for by the state but not run by the state.
  • Boys are given more preference, so the poor families think that one day girl will go after her marriage, so there is no worth of educating a girl child.
  • 1.2 Give (someone) training in or information on a particular subject.

    a plan to educate the young on the dangers of drugs

    [with object and infinitive] the need to educate people to conserve water

    More example sentences

    • Well, it served the purposes of the real corporate aristocracy to let them believe that until they had created the means of training and educating their replacements.
    • As a licensed driver, in addition, Ryan was likely educated on this subject as a prerequisite for getting his license.
    • Your twenty years of educating yourself on this subject has obviously paid off.
    • Is there practical information for educating people about these tactics and their rights?
    • Thus, now is the best time for all traditional leaders to start educating their subjects on the importance of storing their crops properly.
    • But the technology won’t work, he contends, unless everyone in the company is educated about information security.
    • So when I was younger I bought some books on wine and educated myself on the subject.
    • We appreciate and respect the role and responsibility of your newspaper in informing and educating the public and we will always co-operate and assist your reporters in this regard.
    • Dental healthcare workers also often need to be educated about this subject.
    • Consumers of polling information need to be educated through outreach initiatives.
    • Indeed it is on this latter subject Weigley seeks to educate his reader.
    • The companies educated doctors when postgraduate training was often unavailable.
    • Those who coach and are in charge of pitch preparation must be educated on this subject.
    • However, it should be noted, rating of perceived exertion cannot be used to monitor training intensity, without educating the swimmers beforehand.
    • Therefore potential receivers of this information should be educated to critically interpret information.
    • We are doing a good job of training and educating junior leaders for the near term, but the near term is not good enough.
    • What, exactly, does that have to do with journalism, with analyzing information, with educating voters?
    • The group aims to prevent drug and alcohol abuse, educate people and provide information about the laws on drugs.
    • You also get the chance to be educated in almost any subject there is and get paid good money to be in the army.
    • The information on these pages contain basic information to begin educating the nurses of Alabama regarding smallpox vaccinations.


    Late Middle English: from Latin educat- led out, from the verb educare, related to educere lead out (see educe).


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