Jan 31 2017

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#education careers



We’re a passionate team who creates and curates high-quality resources that help kids realize their potential.


Helping people is what we do—those we work with, and those we work for. We’re a close, passionate group that’s dedicated to improving how kids learn around the globe. We collaborate with the best minds in education to inspire change and inspire kids to reach their full potential.


Whether you’re interested in ed tech innovations, SEO best practices, or the latest trends in social media and responsive design, we help our employees grow their professional experience with meaningful work that reaches over 11 million parents and teachers.


Located in the heart of San Mateo, in vibrant Silicon Valley, our new custom office cultivates a team-centric, fun, and supportive working environment. The office sits in the heart of a active downtown center, walking distance to Caltrain, restaurants, and relaxing outdoor spaces.

Make a difference

The people who visit are the most important part of what we do. We provide learning resources in over 20 countries and six continents. Every user is different, but they share the same goal: to improve the lives of children through education.

Over 10,575,218 people have signed up as members

5,287,609 are teachers

10,000 new members join every day

Benefits & Perks

Healthy, happy employees achieve great things. Enjoy the optimal work-life balance while making a difference.


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