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Education for all in India #education #for #all

#education for all


Free and compulsory education to all children up to the age fourteen is constitutional commitment in India. The Parliament of India has passed Right to Education Act in 2009 through which education has become fundamental right of all children of age group 6-14 year. This site presents details of recent initiatives undertaken in the field of Education in India. It presents comprehensive statistics/publications on educational data.

All India Survey of Out-of-School Children 2014 Survey: MHRD IMRB

Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children: South Asia Regional Study, UNICEF/UNESCO, 2015

Advocacy Networks, Choice Private Schooling of the Poor in India, 2015, Geetha B Nambissan7 S. J. Ball

Human Capital Report 2015, World Economic Forum

U-DISE Publications: 2000-01 to 2013-14

Selected Educational Statistics of MHRD

Educational Statistics at a Glance, MHRD, 2014

All India Survey on Higher Education, MHRD, 2011-12, Key Results

All India School Education Surveys (NCERT, 1st to 8th Survey)

Elementary Education in Un-recognised Schools in India: A Case Study of Punjab

Systematic Monitoring of EFA: UNESCO Training Module for Asia-Pacific, 2011

Education for All in India: Review 2014

Public Private Partnership in Education: Rajasthan, 2015

Elementary Education in 12th Plan: 2012 to 2017, MHRD

Yashpal Committee Report to Advise Renovation Rejuvenation of Higher Education in India

2015 Eurydice Assuring Quality in Education

2015 Understanding and Facilitating the Development of Intellect

12th Five Year Plan: Elementary Education, Sub-group Report

How Inclusive is Higher Education in India, 2015: J. B. G Tilak

RMSA-Secondary Education Documents/Publications

Access to Secondary Education in India: What SEMIS Data Reveals, 2013 (SMIA Zaidi, NUEPA)

Universalisation of Secondary Education: CABE Committee Report

Population Projections for States and India: 2001 to 2026

District-wise Population Projections: 2012 to 2016, 6-11, 11-14, 14-16 years (Excel)

EXCEL Template to Project Block-specific Population

District-wise Census 2011 Key Indicators (Excel)

Census of India 2011: Single-age Population (All States, Excel)

Projected Population (5-18 Year) by RGI up to 2016

Age-specific Population: 6-11, 11-14 6-14 Year Population

National Student’s Achievement Survey, Class III, 2014 (NCERT)

National Student’s Achievement Survey, Class V, 2012 (NCERT)

National Student’s Achievement Survey, Class VIII, 2012 (NCERT)

SSA Quality Monitoring Tools (NCERT, 2005)

National Report on Quality Intervention in Elementary Education (NCERT)

CCE Implementation Report (NCERT, 2013)

Regional Report on Workshop on Quality Monitoring Tools (NCERT, 2013)

Impact of tutoring on Learning Levels by Accountability Initiative (Ambirsh Dongre Vivbhu Tewary)

Annual Assessment of Education Report: 2006 to 2014, ASER, Pratham

Annual Assessment of Education Report: 2014, ASER, Pratham

Achievement Surveys under SSA

Status of Higher Education in India: Madras University

Understanding Future of Higher Education: India Report

Universities in the Twenty-First Century

All India Survey on Higher Education, MHRD, 2011-12, Key Results

How Inclusive is Higher Education in India: J. B. G. Tilak, 2015

Journey of Right to Education: A Historical Perspective

Analysis of Outcomes in Implementation of RTE Act: Woodrow Wilson School of Public International Affairs

State-of-the-Nation of Right to Education: Section-12-1-C-CSF, March 2015

From right-to-Education to Right -to-Learning (N. V. Varghese, 2015)

The Right to Education (Final) Act, June 2014

Modules for Quantitative Analysis of Educational Data

Introduction to Modules

Methodology of Planning for Education

Demographic Aspects of Educational Planning

Information Requirements for Formulating Elementary Education Plan

Indicators of Education Development

Projections of Population and Enrolment

Table 7 8 of Population and Enrolment Module

Setting Plan Targets

Measures of Inequalities

Can there be Alternative Indicators of Enrolment

Introduction to Child-Tracking System True Cohort Analysis

Educational Management Information System in India

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