Dec 31 2017

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Oct. 26, 2016 Over time, students’ personal values become more similar to those of their school principal, according to new research. The findings indicate that principals’ values are linked with aspects of school. read more

Oct. 25, 2016 Many children are still learning to control their behavior as they enter kindergarten and may need educational support to develop that critical skill, indicates one of the most conclusive studies to. read more

Oct. 24, 2016 The use of robotic tutors in primary school classrooms is one. read more

Oct. 19, 2016 Ever worried that all the information you’ve crammed in during a study session might not stay in your memory? The answer might be going for a run, according to a new. read more

Oct. 18, 2016 Teacher referrals for special and gifted education testing are subjective and may be swayed by a student’s race, finds. read more

Oct. 12, 2016 Findings from new research suggest that longer grade spans that allow middle grade students to serve as relative top dogs students in the highest grades improve academic achievement and. read more

Oct. 12, 2016 The anxiety that comes with feeling like an outsider in the classroom can hinder students learning and, ironically, teachers could be making it worse, according to a new study by a Michigan State. read more

Oct. 5, 2016 Middle and high school students, regardless of their race and ethnicity, have more favorable perceptions of their Black and Latino teachers than of their White teachers, finds a new. read more

Oct. 5, 2016 Three-year-olds quickly absorb social norms. They even understand behaviors as rule-governed that are not subject to any norms, and insist that others adhere to these self-inferred “norms,” a new. read more

Oct. 4, 2016 When a 2013 study published in Science concluded that reading literary fiction for as few as 20 minutes could improve someone’s social abilities, it made quite the splash. However, when researchers. read more

Oct. 26, 2016 New research identifies four organizational and administrative factors that can decrease teacher turnover and lift student test scores in. read more

Oct. 21, 2016 In findings that will not surprise the parents of any school-aged child, new research finds that the more time children spend using digital devices, the less likely they are to finish their. read more

Oct. 21, 2016 What students in school learn from a model experiment depends on how similar the model substances look to the originals, a new study has. read more

Oct. 20, 2016 A course designed to teach sixth form students essential university-level study skills also significantly improves their A-level results, according to research from. read more

Oct. 19, 2016 Extraverts are perceived as proactively contributing to teamwork because of their ability to develop energizing relationships with their teammates, research finds. These results show that. read more

Oct. 3, 2016 A family-centered pre-k intervention has a positive, lasting impact on child mental health and academic performance, report. read more

Sep. 28, 2016 Preschool teachers and staff show signs of implicit bias in administering discipline, but the race of the teacher plays a big role in the outcome, according to new research. The results help explain. read more

Sep. 27, 2016 Sociologists look back to 2007 to understand how the No Child Left Behind Act acquired an alternative meaning: “NCLB means children left. read more

Sep. 23, 2016 For children with speech and language disorders, early-childhood intervention can make a great difference in their later academic and social success. But many such children — one study estimates 60. read more

Sep. 21, 2016 A new research review takes a novel approach to feedback by focusing not on how it is delivered, but how students engage with and use it. The key message from the study is that effective feedback. read more

Sep. 20, 2016 Those with a taste for adult education classes have long known it, but now scientists have confirmed that taking part in the weekly sessions can boost wellbeing — regardless of the subject. read more

Sep. 20, 2016 A computer-based brain training program helps improve student performance in reading and math in some cases even more than individualized tutoring, according to a new. read more

Sep. 19, 2016 A late night at the library, copious amounts of energy drinks or coffee and class notes from the last month; surely you ll be able to ace the exam if you just spend the next 24 hours focused on the. read more

Sep. 19, 2016 Teaching kids about drugs, alcohol and sex appears to be less controversial than ever before but parents want to see health education classes cover more. read more

Sep. 15, 2016 Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are popular with educational establishments as an efficient way to deliver their materials. Unfortunately, student engagement does not match the enthusiasm of the. read more

Sep. 15, 2016 Children differ substantially in their mathematical abilities. In fact, some children cannot routinely add or subtract, even after extensive schooling. This new paper proposes that math disability. read more

Sep. 14, 2016 Features in non-fiction children s books such as lift-the-flap may hinder toddlers from learning new words, suggests new. read more

Sep. 14, 2016 Supplement of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids may improve reading skills of mainstream schoolchildren, according to a new study. Children with attention problems, in particular, may be helped in. read more

Sep. 13, 2016 Research has found that structured block-building games improve spatial abilities in children to a greater degree than board. read more

Sep. 13, 2016 Does your toddler use a touchscreen tablet? A recent study has shown that early touchscreen use, and in particular actively scrolling the screen, correlates with increased fine motor control in. read more

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