Feb 21 2018

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Learning Games Archive

Best online learning games

A fun math race reinforces math facts in a very visual way.

Word game reinforces vocabulary skills and more.

Language Arts, Spelling ( K-12)

Calculate the numerical value of words in Scrabble® fashion.

Math, Language Arts, Spelling (Grades K-12)

Hold a fast-paced review of any subject.

All Subjects (Grades K-12)

Use a traditional card game to practice math facts.

A new lesson every day of the school year.

Best online learning gamesLearning Games

A new game each week for fun and learning.

Best online learning gamesFact Monster

Printable activity builds students’ research, literacy skills.

Best online learning gamesNews for KIDS

Printable activity spurs discussion, critical thinking.

Printable student work sheets motivate student writing.

Vicki Cobb’s hands-on science showstoppers.

Dozens of lessons. Submit yours, earn cash.

Best online learning games

Best online learning games

Use these fun quick-tivities!

Integrate technology with step-by-step lessons.

Build skills with these printables.

Best online learning gamesBook Report Makeover

Ideas for spicing up boring book reports.

Best online learning gamesReader’s Theater Scripts

And teachers’ guides too.

Hundreds of great themed teaching ideas.

Printable sheets for daily language practice.

Best online learning games

Basic addition, a fun format.

Try a challenging weekly puzzle.

View lesson themes of special interest.

Best online learning games

100s of work sheets for all subjects, grades.

Timely computer center activities.

Use them to reinforce skills.

Best online learning games

Games and puzzles for each month’s special days.

Special opportunities for student learning.

Best online learning games

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Best online learning games

Students review words quietly and cooperatively.

Language Arts, Spelling (Grades K-5)

Use a classic game format to review a variety of skills.

All Subjects (Grades K-12)

Students answer math problems and make efficient change.

Students guess the real meanings of unfamiliar words.

Language Arts (Grades 3-8)

Students give clues to a “secret word” and reinforce vocabulary skills.

Language Arts, All Subjects (Grades 3-12)

Apply a mathematical twist to a classic classroom game.

Students think “out of the box” to generate original lists of words.

Language Arts, All Subjects (Grades 3-12)

Highlight similarities and differences among your students with a variation of Simon Says.

Students match words with their definitions in this notecard game.

Language Arts, All Subjects (Grades 3-12)

Students swat letters to spell words in a very active game.

Language Arts, Spelling, Physical Education, Foreign Language (Grades K-5)

Reinforce sequential order and numbers with a quick and fun math game.

Students reinforce their knowledge as they run the bases.

All Subjects (Grades K-12)

Use puzzles to promote thinking skills and cooperation among students.

All Subjects (Grades K-12)

Reinforce number line concepts and the addition of positive and negative integers.

Students play tic-tac-toe to review any subject.

All Subjects (Grades 6-12)

Student teams use logic and reasoning to guess each other’s five-letter words.

Language Arts (Grades 3-12)

This spelling practice will have your students singing a new tune.

Spelling (Grades K-5)

Students reinforce computation skills as they perform math operations with dice.

Kids get to know each other better with this questionnaire.

Language Arts (Grades 3-12)

Review any subject or skill with this classroom version of “Family Feud.”

All Subjects (Grades K-12)

Students think about and graph their daily activities with friends.

Language Arts, Math (Grades 3-12)

Reinforce thinking skills with “droodles.”

Language Arts, Educational Technology (Grades 3-12)

Use study skills and your imagination in this history game.

History, Social Studies, All Subjects (Grades 3-12)

Review the names and locations of parts of the body.

Health, Physical Education, Science (Grades K-12)

A volunteer asks questions of peers to reveal a secret identity.

Language Arts, Social Studies, History (Grades 3-12)

Review computation skills with this small-group game.

Students play a life-size version of their favorite strategy game. All Subjects (Grades K-12)

Students memorize important quotes and play a game in teams.

Language Arts (Grades 3-12)

Play a favorite classroom game to review math facts, spelling, and more.

Math, All Subjects (Grades 3-8)

Students put themselves in order without talking.

All Subjects (Grades K-12)

Teams of students use their spelling knowledge and some luck to win.

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