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Educational Software from Owl – Mouse, educational software.#Educational #software

Educational Software and Maps from Owl and Mouse:

Educational software

Learn United States and World geography with Maps that Teach. Interactive maps to learn continents, countries, states, capitals, borders, physical features and cultural monuments.

Free, on-line Map Puzzles – U.S. and world. Learn the countries of different continents and their capitals with these fun and educational map puzzle games. Do you know where the evening news is coming from? No downloading or installation. PC or Mac. Free Software! Original download Map Puzzles for PC only still available from this page. NEW! China Provinces Map Puzzle.

1100 Question US Mega Geography Quiz. Playful and intriguing, Professor Quill’s Quiz is a great way to learn about the United States.

United States Geography Quizzes – Learn states, capitals, US geography and map skills with our on-line quizzes:

Our new On-line interactive maps of the continents showing borders, countries, capitals and surroundings.

Printable U.S. State Maps Labeled and unlabeled maps of all of the 50 states for classroom and student use. Free!

Online Atlas Maps of the countries of all of the continents and U.S. states.

U.S. Map Puzzle Learn the states of the United States and their capitals with this fun and educational puzzle game. How fast can you put all of the states in the right places? Free Software!

Educational software

US Physical Features Map – Cut and Paste Learn the locations of the major US geographical feature with a free hands-on paste up map.

MegaMaps – Walk Through the Continents NEW! online version. Print U.S. and World maps from a single page to 8 pages (nearly 7 feet across). Large maps to learn geography, to color for fun, or to put together as a puzzle. This is a fun way to learn the states, their capitals and foreign countries. Great for classrooms and homeschool.

Educational software

Teach a Child to Read All of our reading and reading-readiness pages.

Learn Letters FREE! Learn Letters teaches children to know and make the 26 letters of the alphabet. Using the shapes the letters have in common, the child is guided as he combines shapes to make the lower case letters of the alphabet. Now Online, no downloading!

Educational software

Educational software

Color Letters Help your child learn the letters of the alphabet with a full page letter and an animal or object whose name starts with that letter. An easy, fun introduction to our alphabet.

Letter Sounds FREE! Children learn letter sound relationships playing a free educational phonics games using the modalities – sight, sound, movement – that a computer makes possible. Letter sound games for young children to learn beginning phonics. Free Software. Play all Letter Sounds online – no download or installation – PC or Mac.

Letter Sounds – Children choose the correct letter that begins the word.

Letter Sounds – Blends – Children choose the correct letters that begin the word.

Letter Sounds – ‘S’ Blends – Blending ‘s’ and another consonant to make the initial sound of a of a word .

Letter Sounds – Short Vowels – Selecting the correct short vowel to begin a word.

Letter Sounds – Long Vowels – Selecting the correct long vowel to begin a word.

Educational software

Bridge to Reading Children learn to read by reading in a fairy-tale adventure. Your child reads and writes complete sentences from the first screen. This CD-ROM has over 50 scenes and a dozen talking characters. When your child finishes the story they will be reading 105 of the most common words, in sentences of up to 11 words. When learning to read is fun, children want to read.

Educational software

Build your own Medieval Castle Free software to build your own medieval castle, complete with towers, gatehouse and keep. To understand the parts of a castle, and why it was built that way, how an army lay siege to a castle, how a castle was defended, or what it might be like to live in a castle (this varied depending on who you were) – build a model castle. Build your own Medieval Castle is fun, educational hands-on learning. Free Software.

Educational software

Shields, Knights and Heraldry Free software to print out shields and the elements of heraldry to create your own coat of arms. Learn the terminology and history of coats of arms. New online version, no downloading, no installation, PC or Mac.

Educational software

Two free software programs with activities for students to create their own model towns or villages. Make a Town has 10 different houses and 7 stores; Make a Village has 5 houses, an apartment house and a church with a steeple. Kids set out streets, decide where different buildings should be and put in parks and shopping districts. This project teaches kids about how towns are arranged and how they grow. It can be used to teach everything from math to architecture, or just for fun. Free Software.

Educational software

Software and activities for students to create their own model farm, with silo, barn, chicken coop, etc. Kids set out fields, choose crops, decide what animals to have on their farm, and what to grow to feed themselves and their animals. This project teaches kids about farm animals, crops and where food comes from. Free Software.

Educational software

Learning is active, not passive. Learning is doing, making, building, arranging, figuring out, changing. Active Learning Projects has fun, hands-on educational activities for kids K-8 from the Internet. Projects for enhancing, extending, or filling in the gaps in your child’s education; After-Schooling , homeschooling and teachers.

Educational software

Educational and other links to sites on the World Wide Web.

How to uninstall our older downloaded Owl and Mouse software programs. Not needed for our newer online programs.

Learn to Read by Reading with:

When learning to read is fun, children read

Educational software

We welcome all comments on your and your children’s experience with our maps and software. Any additional learning ideas will be added to our pages (with credit to you) for others to enjoy.

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