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Five Fun Educational Websites That Your Kids Will Love #five #educational #websites

#five educational websites


Five Fun Educational Websites That Your Kids Will Love

By Lior Levin

Many parents of today are highly concerned about the massive amount of time their children are spending in front of the television, playing video games and surfing the web for hours at a time.

This is a justified cause of concern, and one that I too faced as a parent. After a great deal of frustration and how to overcome this problem, I simply came to the conclusion, “Well, if you can t beat them, then join them!

Once I came to this point I set out to find some great fun sites that had to offer one very important feature, and that was some type of education.

Here are five great sites that I came across that my children now prefer to be at over and above all those activities that were consuming almost every waking moment.


I have to admit that I find it hard to pull myself away from this absolutely fabulous educational site. It is totally focused on the kids but everything they offer teaches them something. It s perfect for either gender and almost any age.

There are great categories such as anthropology and archaeology or climate change for example. There are some awe inspiring movies and events and tons of games. Then scattered about are short interesting facts.

For example did you know that brain cells are the only human cells that don t reproduce? This is just one of the little facts that will show up as one is perusing the site.


This is another great resource and educational children s entertainment site. This is the perfect site to get your kids to go to, to enhance their academic skills without them even realizing that they are in the learning mode.

You can even narrow down the specifics here as the kids can go directly to their grade area for activities that are at their level. For children that need extra help in their academics this site is the perfect tutor.

3. Hearthsong

It is quite common for kids to love to thumb through the toy cataloges that show up at our doors every so often, especially at Christmas. There have been many Christmas lists constructed from these money making venues.

In many cases the items that are found within the pages are toys that have no value yet demand big bucks. Now there is a solution to this as well, by getting the kids to build their Christmas wish list or for picking out any gift needs this site is perfect.

The kids love to look at all the great pictures that are found here and to see all the most impressive high quality and useful toys that are offered. I as a parent class this as one of favorite sites for the same reasons, and I like the prices as well.


Now no matter how good a children s site may be, there will come a time where boredom sets in. When this happens though you won t need to worry if you take advantage of all the great resources you are going to find here.

This is a whole directory of great kids sites. So when one site no longer becomes a hit with your kids then simply go here and find another one. With all they have to offer here, you will not run out of super ideas for the kids educational pleasure and healthy entertainment.

5. Lil-fingers

Finding activities for toddlers that are educational and yet inexpensive can be quite challenging. All youngsters love storybooks though.

Often they become frustrated at handling the books but this is not the case with the ones that can be found here. In addition to this there are all sorts of games and coloring activities. There is no shortage of many hours of entertainment for the little ones.

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Additional resources:
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Cool sites do you know of any that kids can play a fake piano? My daughter loves a little program that I have on my ipod touch, but I can t find one on the computer.

Here are 2 sites that are good for kids who love to draw and who love crafts (A site with 100s of drawing lessons, online drawing tools, as well as a library full of 1000s of drawing tutorials elsewhere on the net.)

and (A great place for kids, parents, and teachers to find fun arts and crafts activities, color book pages, paper folding instructions, and much more.)

priyaflorence November 11, 2010

Thanks for those useful resources, Rachel. Don t know about the fake piano sites. Will see if I can find some. Am sure you ll find some software programs that offer them online. You can check and see if they have anything that interests you.

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