May 18 2017

Foundation for American Christian Education #education #in #america

#education in america


Defending the US Constitution

Learn more about the Christian History of the Constitution and help defend it from attack.

The Noah Plan
Curriculum Resources

A complete, Biblically-based K–12 curriculum to restore Christian principles to the classroom

Characteristics of
The Principle Approach

Learn more about what makes for a truly Biblical method of education, including the “Four Rs”

Browse Our New Resource Catalogue

Featuring the Noah Plan , a proven, comprehensive, Biblically-based K–12 curriculum

Principle Brings

God designed us to live according to principles. Watch this video to learn why.

Is There a Cure for the Common Core?

Recently, a homeschool mom visited FACE and the Hall-Slater Library with her five children.

The Principle Approach Commonwealth

Resources to equip you to apply the Principle Approach in your home, school, and community

Discover timeless truths from America’s treasury that address contemporary issues

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