Feb 14 2018

Fun Science Games for Kids – Free Interactive Activities Online, fun interactive games for kids.#Fun

fun interactive games for kids

This selection of games activities include some of the physical processes that control our everyday lives. Find out how electricity works, how our eyes use light to see, how forces such as friction work and the physics behind how the earth sun moon behave.

Learn about electricity circuits as you experiment with batteries, voltages and light bulbs. Wire them in different ways for surprising outcomes.

Learn about magnets springs as you combine the two to complete various challenges. Find out what objects magnets are attracted to and more.

Fun interactive games for kids

Learn about forces in action as you experiment how gradients, weights and resistance affect the movement of various objects.

Learn about light shadows as you experiment with different lights sources and objects. Move light to and from objects and see what happens.

Our eyes are truly amazing, learn how humans see as you experiment with light mirrors. Change the angles to see which way they reflect the light.

Fun interactive games for kids

Learn about changing sounds as you experiment with different musical instruments. Plucking strings of different lengths results in a variety of sounds.

Learn about the Earth, Sun Moon’s orbits as you experiment with different dates and times. Discover how long the earth takes to orbit the sun and more.

Fun interactive games for kids

Learn about friction as you experiment how the movement of vehicles responds to different surfaces and levels of resistance.

Learn about electricity circuits as you experiment with conductors. Find out what materials conduct electricity better than others.

Learn about light dark as you experiment with different objects. Does a mirror ball give out light or does it just reflect light from another source?

The matter that makes up our earth can do weird and wonderful things, find out more with these fun games activities. Experiment with solids, liquids and gases as you learn more about material properties, melting points, rocks, soils, ice, water steam.

Learn about the changing states of water as you experiment with different temperatures. What happens when water reaches 100 degrees?

Experiment with temperature while learning about the melting points of different substances. At what point do things like chocolate aluminium melt?

Learn about reversible changes by testing what happens to substances as they change. Find out what substances dissolve in water and lots more.

Have fun learning about solids, liquids and gases by experimenting with different forms, using different conditions to change them from one form to another.

Learn about material properties as you experiment with a variety of objects. Discover the interesting characteristics of materials.

Test the characteristics of different materials, find out why polystyrene is such a great thermal insulator and learn about heat transfer.

Learn about rocks, minerals soils as you complete a variety of experiments. Do the objects split? Do they float? Answer these questions and more.

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