Apr 15 2018

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kids school websites

Pave the way for the little ones to begin a relationship with their Heavenly Father! Our lessons focus on the heart of Jesus! These interactive and age-appropriate lessons will delight as they learn about Jesus in new and exciting ways.

Interactive: Learning is reinforced when children are encouraged to participate by sticking stickers on the story picture, looking under flaps or being surprised by pop-out pages .

Circle Talk Time is a special time for children to interact with each other. As they answer questions and relate stories, the children begin to relate the lesson concepts to everyday situations they are experiencing at home, which drives the lesson concepts home! It answers the question of What does this Bible story mean for me?

These Sunday school lessons closely follow the Biblical story, and help children take part in their learning with action rhymes, fun crafts and classroom activities that reinfoce the main concepts of the lesson.

Colorful illustrations and kid-friendly story pictures capture children’s attention! The bright pictures incites children’s imaginations by giving children a visual picture of what is happening in each Bible story.

These bright, kid-friendly story pictures can be enlarged and be used as room decorations or bulletin board pictures !

The black and white story pictures can be used as pictures for the children to color , paint or take home for a family activity as a midweek reminder of lesson concepts.

More Choices For You! Sticker pages can be printed on magnetic Inkjet sheets to make magnets , or on Inkjet sticker paper to make stickers . Illustrations can also be printed on Inkjet T-shirt iron-on sheets to be made into designs to iron on T-shirts for the children at your church or preschool!

For digital download Bible lessons with illustrated story pictures, crafts and activities, go to the sister site: Bible Kids Fun Zone.

Kids school websites

Kids school websites

Kids school websites

Kids school websites

Sample of printable visual aids for preschool Sunday school classes. Children at church.

Coloring book page for Sunday school lesson about loving God – Love God with all your soul. Trust in him and believe his words.

Craft sample – a Get Well card that children can make for someone who is sick for lesson: Love is Patient based on 1 Corinthians 13.

Bible story printable picture for the Sunday School lesson: Tell others.

Creative craft projects that reinforce key concepts! Children can take them home and proudly say, I made it myself! since these crafts need little help from the teacher. Minimal preparation and just a few supplies make it easy for you! All of our crafts come with simple instructions.

Sunday School Fun Zone designs lots of fun toy crafts . For example, pop-up pages, lift-the-flap pictures, mini-booklets, 3-dimensional crafts or crafts with moveable parts !

All of our printable resources are reproducible! Order once, and make copies to keep on file year after year! See below for detailed descriptions of our printable curriculum.

Variety of Activities: Pretend Play Activities add to the fun as children immerse themselves in the Bible story or concept of the lesson by role-playing simple scenes or acting out the scenes with toys.

Learning is further reinforced through Rhymes or Songs with Hand Motions . As children use their bodies, hear the sounds, say the words and get involved, the key lesson concepts are driven home again!

All of the resources on this website are now free! Free Toddler / Preschool BIble Lessons, Pictures and Crafts and Activities. For lessons in digital download format visit our other websites:

For a quick glance of the lesson titles on Fun For Me Bible Basics see the Yaer One Overview page. For a quick glance of the lessons on Fun For Me Faith Builders curriculum, go to the Year Two Overview page. Go to the themes page to see more samples of the printable craft pages and pictures to show during the lessons.

Below are a few comments from members. You can view more comments from members of Sunday School Fun Zone and Bible Kids Fun Zone.

I want to take the time to tell you what a wonderful job you do. My wife and I teach the beginners at our church and we love using your site. For years our church had used the same curriculum in the classrooms. My wife and I used it for about a year. I found it boring and the kids seemed uninterested. When we started using your site the kids really perked up and began to show interest. If you can get 3 and 4 year olds to remember what you have been teaching from one Sunday to the next, well, its just fantastic. So, I just wanted to say thank you. more

The curriculum is working extremely well. It is amazing how our two and three year olds are responding. We do a lot of hands on and role playing with them of which they thoroughly enjoy. We have had very good response back from the parents also. I find it very beneficial to plan from the curriculum having so many ideas to choose from. Thanks so much for the time and energy you put in to help us reach and teach the little ones for the advancement of God’s kingdom.. View more comments from members of Sunday School Fun Zone and Bible Kids Fun Zone.

I ordered your curriculum approximately two months ago and I love it! I was looking for a simple, easy-to-use lesson plan with fun, easy crafts. I love the 3-D nature of most of your crafts. Plus, there are coloring page options for our coloring-focused kids. I do not have much time to prepare lessons. I’m a pastor’s wife, work part-time, go to nursing school part-time, and have two small children, so your program really works for me! . more.

Please know how you are blessing my ministry at . in Texas every week and my children are benefiting so much from what you do!! I am the Preschool Director and we use your curriculum on many Sundays and Wednesdays. You have great fans here in Texas. more

I took over the director position in May and have been trying to put some kind of curriculum in place. When I found your site I was so excited. I am even more pleased as I watch the kids having a great time and learning at the same time. We have lacked formal lessons for a few years in the toddler classrooms. This has been a blessing. Thanks again for your efforts . more

I have to say I love your website, there are so many ideas I get from it . more

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