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Genetic Education Resources for Teachers

Genetic Education Resources for Teachers

As genetics and genomics research advances rapidly through the knowledge gained from the completed human DNA sequence, teachers and educators require new classroom tools to present the rich history, complexity and excitement of the world of genetics and genomics.These teaching resources include specific teaching plans to present the history, facts and genetic terminology behind the Human Genome Project.

Teaching Resources

  • Internet-Based Tools for Teaching the Microbiome
    Websites, articles, research studies and more to help teach about the microbiome.
  • Internet-based Tools for Teaching Transcription and Translation
    Websites that help teach about the microbiome.
  • NHGRI Activities for the USA Science and Engineering Festival
    Simple and fun DNA-related activities created for the inaugural USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. Oct. 23-24, 2011
  • Facts About the X Chromosome
    Learn 10 facts about the X chromosome with this special infographic from NHGRI for Mother s Day.
  • Facts About the Y Chromosome
    Learn 11 facts about the Y chromosome with this special infographic from NHGRI for Father s Day.
  • Genetic Variation
    All about genetic variation.
  • Genetics in the Laboratory
    The uses of genetics in the laboratory.
  • Genetics, DNA, and Heredity: The Basics
    Basic information on DNA, genetics and the Human Genome Project.
  • Your Family Health History
    Learn how to draw your family tree.
  • DNA Day Jeopardy!
    Jeopardy using answers about DNA, Human Genome Project, Inheritance, more.
  • 2009 Power Point Slide Show (40 MB)
    Topics covered: Forensics, Advances in DNA Sequencing, Human Microbiome Project, Epigenetics, Family History and the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Genome Research.
  • Cloning
    A Powerpoint presentation from the University of Utah Genetic Science Learning Center.
  • Chromosome Analysis
    Powerpoint presentation.
    • Chromosome Analysis: Creating Karyotypes
      Accompanying material for Chromosome Analysis Powerpoint presentation.
  • DNA From the Beginning []
    • DNA from the Beginning Study Guide
      A study guide for DNA From the Beginning.
  • Genetic Mind Reader
    A game that reviews some important facts about the Human Genome Project.
  • Genetic Timeline
    An historical perspective of the discoveries that led to our present understanding of the human genome.

Learning Tools

  • The GeneEd Website
    The National Library of Medicine s genetics, education and discovery website.
  • Dolan DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory []
    A source for timely information about genes in education.
  • From the Blueprint to You
    Read all about genetics, your DNA, the Human Genome Project and the future of genomics in this booklet created in April 2003 for 50 Years of DNA: A Celebration of the Genome. Offered in English and en espa ol.
  • Genetic Science Learning Center at the Eccles Institute of Human Genetics at the University of Utah []
    Helping people understand how genetics affects their lives and society.

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