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Whether you teach biology to one or one hundred students each year, you will be sure to find something useful among these five websites:

This colorful site features facts, lessons, videos, and quizzes, plus images, projects and experiments, and even games for kids!

There are about 46 different science experiments to try, 8 different videos, 10 different biology games and links to other science games. You can also find about 30 different science projects and topic ideas, 35 science quizzes (not all biology-related), 6 biology lesson plans, and 24 biology images. Have fun!

The contents of this site is divided into 7 different categories: Living Organisms, Human Body, Cell, Genetics, Nutrition, Disease, and Plants. Each category has at least 5 different topics to choose from, and each topic links to basic information and diagrams. This is a good site for self-motivated students to do some introductory reading.

Rader s site features six online studies covering these biology subjects: Cells, Microbes, Plants, Invertebrates, Vertebrates, and Animal Systems (body systems such as respiratory). Each topic is meant to be read, continuing through several pages of logically organized information. Clicking Studies on one of the systems pages brings you to a somewhat hidden area with explanations of taxomy, evolution, and other general topics.

This site features fun interactive articles on a variety of topics from the lifecycle of a butterfly to Why does my eye twitch? The contents are easily sorted by age level and media type (animation, interactive, learning pod, reading pod, and video). You can also sort by newest, oldest, and most popular. Watch out! These little pods can be addicting GREAT for science free time exploration!

This colorful site has a variety of features such as animations, diagrams, and brief informative text. Basic categories are Biology, Human Biology, Animals, and Biology Games. There is also a special article on Therapy Dogs.

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