Nov 15 2017

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Although rarely fatal, the fungal disease—which affects largely the lungs—can prove debilitating to people and their pets. Now, a breakthrough—published in August by the journal Infection Immunity —by a UA multidisciplinary team in development of a vaccine, highlights the work being done that has drawn in UA specialists in infectious diseases, pulmonary medicine, agriculture and plant sciences to find a vaccine…

A new technique that allowed researchers from the University of Arizona and Cambridge University to analyze genetic material from serum samples of HIV patients taken before AIDS was known provides a glimpse into the beginnings of the epidemic. Surprise—it began way before “Patient Zero”…

Free and open to the public, the lecture by Kenneth A. Hood, DO, will discuss the latest approaches to surgical and non-surgical options for common and complex types of back issues, in addition to sharing the latest research into novel treatments and procedures for back pain and injury.

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