Jul 8 2018

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Computer Science

Dec 4–10 is CSEdWeek. Get your kids involved with an Hour of Code!

Science education

Teens Driving

Discuss the dangers of impaired driving and encourage responsibility with these resources.

Science education

New Lesson

Uncover the science behind innovations in sports.

Science education

Science of Weather

Investigate different types of weather and the natural forces that cause them.

Science Update

Spider Webs

A listener asks: Can spiders get caught in the webs of other spiders?

Today in Science

Dec 08

December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.

Recent Lessons

Recycled Science

In this lesson, students explore how common household items can be recycled instead of thrown away.

Amazing (Mostly) Edible Science

In this lesson, students explore and understand the chemistry behind cooking by engaging them in hands-on activities using common ingredients.

3-5 | Physics, Chemistry, Nature of Science | 0

  • Crow Smarts

    This lesson helps students explore what a tool is and if people are the only tool makers.

    6-8 | Biology, Nature of Science | 0

  • Science education


    Science education


    Vote for the Winner for the People’s Choice for Breakthrough of the Year!

    Four candidates topped the first round of voting. Now is your chance to choose your favorite

    Science education Science education

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