May 18 2017

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Interactive Education with Fun Teaching Games

As video games have become a commonplace in the lives of child and young adults, educators are looking for ways to turn game play into educational resources. DDA Interactive, a leading interactive marketing and advertising agency, provides outstanding educational teaching games that engage and stimulate the audience to make learning fun. DDA Interactive’s innovative approach to teaching and education assists in motivating students, from children to adults, and advancing their education.

DDA Interactive’s holistic approach to educational gaming adds an excellent aid to learning comprehension through teaching curriculum while reinforcing concepts and assisting in the development of learning skills. Every interactive educational game is custom designed and developed, from usability to graphic design, to target a specific demographic and ensure the successful implementation of games into the learning development process.

Kids Education Game

Educational games for young children, from preschool to grade school, aim to assist children in the development of skills and introduce them to basic concepts. From games that teach math, spelling, grammar, or early science to fundamental introduction to numbers, shapes, and colors, DDA Interactive can precisely target an age group with vibrant designs and easy-to-use playability. Preliminary education through interactive games can also assist children with creative activities, arts and crafts, music, and more to go beyond the standard curriculum education.

Interactive Games for Young Adults and Continuing Education

For adults, young and old, DDA Interactive can develop educational games that help to explain the most complex and abstract concepts. Using the power of computers, geometry can be effectively explained with 3D images and animations and physics and science can be explained through integrated videos. In addition, adult education games can allow users to interact with each other to discuss concepts and develop team strategies to solve problems. The full classroom environment can be replicated through an online-based educational game that enhances the learning experience.

DDA Interactive is a full service, integrated marketing and advertising agency with years of experience in developing educational games for children and adults. Interactive gaming can assist in explaining the most complex problems while treating the user to a fun and engaging experience, which will help to increase memory retention. In addition, educational games can be enhanced through the use of custom avatars, virtual reality, and online interaction that simply cannot be experience with standardized education tools. Contact DDA Interactive today to learn more about our extensive list of interactive services and how we can assist in developing custom educational tools and games.

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