Jan 14 2018

Interactive games for education, interactive games for education.#Interactive #games #for #education

interactive games for education

Interactive games for education

Zap produces addictive negotiation games for ENTERTAINMENT and life skills development.

There’s no success like failure

and failure’s no success at all.

Zap simulations allows Users to venture beyond the comfort zone, try new strategies, make mistakes and gain new insights without the real-world consequences. Zap Simulations provide a safe sandbox environment to learn and practice new skills that enhance one’s ability to compete in the real world.

Interactive games for education

Inside the Haiti Earthquake simulation was nominated for a Webby Award for Best Writing. Also,

WINNER – Best in Catagory (Education) and Best in Show – Horizon Interactive Awards

FINALIST – Best Online Game – Canadian New Media Awards

WINNER – Best Trans-Media – Games For Change

Interactive games for education

Interactive games for education

Zapdramatic’s Michael Gibson teamed up with PTV productions to write and co-direct with Nicolas Jolliet and producer Katie McKenna a simulation on the immediate aftermath of the Haiti earthquake from three points of view.

In November 2010 Michael Gibson presented a paper on the writing process at the International Conference on Interactive Story-telling in Edinburgh. The paper was published by

The paper is also available for free download here.

Interactive games for education

Zap-designed courses include:

Your games were great. The humor was the best part, and it got the point

across. I did the games as part of a learning team project for a college

class. We certainly laughed a lot.

helped a neighbor who had a domestic abuse situation. I worked with police,

social workers, and the scared family. The

dad was arrested without incident, and the pregnant mom with her three small

children was moved to a safety shelter for professional help. I got right

to the point when I realized it was a crisis that would soon explode. I

listened well, and mediated quickly. I am certainly not a professional, but

just a concerned neighbor who didn’t want to see a tragedy happen. Three

weeks ago in our community a father shot his wife and then committed

suicide leaving seven children behind. I was motivated along with my

husband and sister to take action. One of policeman commended me for my

ability to assess the situation quickly and that most people would not have

the presence of mind to step in. (usually I am very unorganized – so this

was a first for me).

Interactive games for education

Play our Ambition Interactive Murder Mystery and other challenging negotiation games at our sister site:

Interactive games for education

Interactive games for education

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