May 20 2017

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Fun Interactive Physics-based Game The Successful Experiment

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Unleash your inner Einstein in an awesome interactive physics-based puzzle game that combines problem-solving skills with wacky scientific experiments! The Successful Experiment is an addicting online brain teaser game where you must use a clever combination of the effects of gravity, eccentric work methods actions, and a range of scientific tools in order to guide, divert and deflect, an Eight Ball toward a Green Flag so that it makes contact with the flag in each level. This task is made all the more difficult by an array of different environments, obstacles, and challenging physical states of play (some levels are under water, some require floating etc). Using three different types of balls as ‘tools of manipulation’, you must carefully alter the game zone, and push the Eight Ball toward the Flag via bridges, cannons, chutes, water hazards, and more!

This highly innovative and challenging physics problem solving skill-based activity may prove to be a genuine head-scratcher for even the savviest of puzzle game veterans! Some appreciation for the laws of physics and the effect of gravity on objects is definitely important as you try to logically and methodically influence the game environment in order to create a path for the Eight Ball to come in contact with the Green Flag. Quick reactions are also essential as you have to be smart with your masterful mouse movement in order to get to grips with the raucous experimental chaos that occurs once you set your strategy in motion! Just like most scientific experiments, trial and error plays a big part – so be prepared to be patient in your efforts. Enjoy the great experiment!

How to Play: In each of the 18 progressively difficult ‘experiment’ levels, you are presented with an Eight Ball, a Green Flag, and a challenging obstacle-filled scene. Your must unite the Eight Ball with the Green Flag using the simple tools provided. These tools can be a Bowling Ball, a Basketball, or a Bubble. Each tool has a specific attribute: For example, the Bowling Ball is heavy, and can be used to push the Eight Ball or tilt ledges etc; the Basketball can float in water, and can bounce over objects; the Bubble can float upwards and dislodge obstacles. You only have a certain number of manipulator balls in each level (indicated at the bottom of the game screen).

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on one of the game-changing balls, and then click again where you want to place that ball in the main play zone. This action introduces the new manipulator ball to the level, and hopefully sets off an chain reaction that somehow directs the Eight Ball toward the Green Flag. Once the Eight Ball comes into contact with the Green Flag, you progress to the next level. Tip: For a smoother transition between the different manipulator balls, use the number keys on your computer keyboard: 1 = Bowling Ball; 2 = Basketball; 3 = Bubble. Good luck finding a solution to each level!

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