May 19 2017

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  • Before 1863 the postal service in the US was free.
  • Disneyland opened in 1955.
  • Hippopotamuses have killed more people in Africa than any other animal.
  • Peru has more pyramids than Egypt.
  • The first Burger King was opened in Florida Miami in 1954.
  • Mosquitoes prefer children to adults and blondes to brunettes.
  • Bottle nosed whales can dive to a depth of 915 metres (3,000feet) in 2 minutes.
  • Every living thing on the Earth contains carbon.
  • A blue whale can weigh as much as 30 elephants and as long as 3 large tour buses.
  • Venetian blinds were invented in Japan.

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    Keep Safe Online by Taking The “KidzSearch Safety Pledge”
  • 1.) I will never give out any personal information online unless my parents say it is okay. Things like passwords, cell phone number, home phone number, current location, full name, credit card number, social security number, birthday, school name, and home address must never be given out.

  • 2.) I will never post any personal information about another person unless my parents approve it. This includes giving passwords to your friend.
  • 3.) I will never post any pictures or videos of myself or others without getting approval from my parents.
  • 4.) I will never sign up for any online service without first checking with my parents or a person I trust.
  • 5.) I will never ever meet in person with someone I met online. If your parents say it is okay, have them go with you and meet in a public place.
  • 6.) I will immediately tell my parents about anything that made me feel uncomfortable while online.
  • 7.) I will never download or install any computer software or apps without checking with a trusted adult.
  • 8.) I will talk with my parents about how much time I can spend online and what websites or tools I can use. I will not allow the internet to interfere with doing homework or house chores, exercising/sports, or other important activities.
  • 9.) I will be very careful texting or playing online games while outside to avoid possibly hurting myself or others. I will make sure to stay focused on what is around me, such as looking out for cars or bikes, or wandering into unfamiliar areas.
  • 10.) I will always be polite and respectful of others and never post anything hurtful online, or do or say anything that I would not want to be said about myself.

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