May 19 2017

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What Are Learning Styles?

Learning Styles are important to learning success.

Visual learners think in pictures and tend to perform better on written tests. Auditory learners learn best by listening, but may be distracted if there is too much noise. Kinesthetic learners, also known as tactile learners like to learn by doing. They seem to have the most difficult time in school because reading and testing in school are high visual activities that tend to favor the visual learners.

At we teach learning success by showing how to solve the mis-match between learning and testing and help people with any learning style be successful.

Steps to Learning Success

  1. Take the FREE Personal Learning Styles Quiz® to find out how you learn best. This information is key to let you in on the best-kept, proven learning secrets you need for a lifetime of learning success!
  2. Take the FREE Eye-Q Reading Inventory to make sure that you see the printed page properly so reading and recall is a breeze.
  3. Make Sure Your Body and Brain Cells Are In Shape For Learning With Proper Nutrition
  4. Choose one of the Instant Learning Success Tips Newsletters and you will receive tip after tip on how to learn anything fast!
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  6. Use the biology of learning success to accelerate your learning: colored overlays ; speed reading . coaching , omega 3 oils . vision therapy activities . and more.

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