Apr 16 2018

Literacy Websites for Grades 7-8, interactive websites for teachers and students.#Interactive #websites #for #teachers #and

interactive websites for teachers and students

Students in Grades 7 – 8

  • Kid’s Domain Links to explore from around the world.
  • Learn How to Write a Speech walks you through the process with great tips organized in a readable fashion.
  • Monster Exchange Project involves a child trying to communicate an original monster image into another child’s mind.
  • MythWeb introduces readers to the heroes, gods, and monsters of Greek mythology.
  • New York Times Learning Network Designed for Grades 3 and up, it includes news summaries, a daily quiz, science questions, student letters to the editor, a crossword puzzle, ask a reporter and lesson plan archive. Articles contain links to vocabulary and geography knowledge tools to build background while reading.
  • Search Engines for Young Students was written by Julie Coiro to help guide learners and their teachers through the maze of child-friendly search engines. Two other excellent educational indexes for students to browse are
    • Information Please Kids Almanac: Learning Network’s Fact Monster includes an almanac, atlas, dictionary and encylopedia
    • LycosZone: Easy to use reference materials for children including a kids almanac, encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, animal locater, and kid’s online library plus lots of categories of regular school topics
  • Scholastic News Zone,Weekly Reader and Time for Kids are wonderful reading materials for students reading in the content areas.
  • Solve an online Mystery at the popular The
  • StarChild Learning Center for Young Astronomers is a popular interactive website with information about the solar system organized into appropriate reading levels for elementary students. May help with struggling readers.
  • The ABC’s of Using the Internet with Students in Grades 4-6 created by Julie Coiro includes an alphabetical list of popular educational websites for students. Many are also useful for students in 7th and 8th grade.
  • The Student Zone at North Carolina’s Wise Owl website is a well organized list of featured sites and archived links related to their curriculum. Also features a similar zone for teachers, parents, reference, and media/technology.
  • 700+ Great Websites from American Library Association (ALA) described as amazing, spectacular, colorful web sites for kids and the adults who care about them .
  • Wacky Web Tales interactive writing and publishing from Education Place
  • Recommendations by Classroom Teachers

    • John F. Kennedy Middle School in Port Jefferson Station, New York has a wonderful list of Curriculum Resources for teachers to use.
    • Ancient and Medieval History Resources from Jamie Reinsch at GlobalWeb Visions.

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