Apr 21 2017

Masters in Education Online #masters #in #education

#masters in education


Master of Education Online

The UC MEd program is designed for passionate educators interested in professional development. Completely online master’s degrees, graduate certificates, or continuing education options offer students the flexibility to take courses while maintaining a career.
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Curriculum & Instruction

This MEd is designed for teachers interested in the inner workings of the classroom with the desire to gain the skills to advance in all aspects of the teaching process. Choose from 4 distinct concentrations.
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Special Education

This program is designed for classroom teachers who are passionate about not only improving learning outcomes, but also the quality of life for children with special needs.
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Educational Leadership

Develop the leadership skills to make an impact in the classroom, school, and community. This program is built for those seeking to strengthen their leadership skills, or take on the challenging role of principal.
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