Sep 17 2017

Master’s in Human Resources Management Online #masters #human #resources


Master’s in HR Management Online

“I chose Saint Mary’s because they align their curriculum with the Society of Human Resources Management.”

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Our Master’s in Human Resources Management degree at Saint Mary’s University is a great opportunity for human resources professionals to get the extra specialized skills that they need to be successful in today’s workforce.

They have made the online course very easy for somebody who has a very busy lifestyle.

Our students are professionals. They have busy, hectic schedules with families, with travel, especially work travel. And the online environment is flexible and meets their needs.

I chose Saint Mary’s because they align their curriculum with the Society of Human Resources Management.

We’ve got classes in compensation and benefits and labor relations, employment law, management principles, ethics, and all of those targeted areas that an HR professional needs to know about really to rise to that next level of knowledge and that next level of professional capability in the organization.

You get more into performance management. It’s not just hiring people, firing people, sticking to the law.

We try very hard to make sure that our mobile learning experience applies to the HR professional.

The technology is very easy to use.

By the use of FaceTime through their iPads, the students get to work collaboratively, provide feedback to each other, and really support each other in a personable way.

I was definitely surprised at how close I felt with my fellow students.

The online environment is 24/7. Even our support desk is 24/7.

The faculty was one of the things that I liked most about Saint Mary’s. They’re very warm. They’re very engaging.

Our program really teaches students to be able to problem solve and to research and then take that academic research and apply it back to the problems that they’re facing at work.

Get a Strategic View of HR to Help People and Organizations Succeed

Today’s human resource professionals are strategic partners. They are experts in leadership and talent management who help organizations navigate change, large or small, and support peers to help align support to meet strategic goals. In business, human resource managers are now looked upon to actively contribute to the planning, execution, and success of an organization’s underlying plans and objectives.

An online Master of Arts in Human Resource Management from Saint Mary’s gives you the depth of knowledge sought after in human resource positions. As you advance in your career, it will help you position yourself to relate to every department within an organization and, more specifically, each department’s people.

In this 39-credit, 26-month program, you will study a curriculum aligned with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and prepare for the PHR/SPHR certification. You’ll gain the skills you need to relate to every department and lead positive change throughout your organization.

Become a Strategic Leader in Human Resources

With this online degree, you will learn how to forge a brighter future for yourself and your organization. You will:

  • Become a versatile HR professional with the skills in leadership management to assume a critical organizational role
  • Gain an understanding of rewards systems, conflict management, and organizational assessment
  • Build the management expertise in budgeting, communication, strategy, and ethics that makes this degree a more specialized alternative to an HR-focused MBA
  • Learn through real-world case studies and instruction from practicing professionals
  • Study and network in a close-knit community of professional peers

Embrace a Holistic Approach to HR

Studying Human Resource Management at Saint Mary’s does more than provide you with the additional skills you need to have a positive impact on your career. It also connects you to experts in the field who know how to apply their knowledge to create a positive impact for society. This is the kind of forward progress we’re referring to when we talk about our university’s Lasallian values.

We’re here to help you gain the perspective to turn your passion for developing people into a role that will empower them to meet their potential. Study in a supportive, transformative environment that reveals your capabilities as a leader. Develop the tools to become a force of positive change in your organization with an online Master’s in Human Resource Management from Saint Mary’s.

Learning at Your Fingertips

A Saint Mary’s education puts knowledge and opportunity in your hands. Our mobile learning programs give you the flexibility that fits your professional and personal schedule as you build skills and knowledge to develop, explore, and advance your career. It’s the freedom you need to grow with a vibrant, supportive community that understands the needs of your education, your career, and your day-to-day life.

Every student in our online degree programs receives an iPad® loaded with a mobile learning platform, so you have Saint Mary’s with you at all times. Our innovative program enables you to:

  • Access your courses and materials in a click
  • Engage with the curriculum through interactive exercises
  • Reinforce learning points using real-world scenarios
  • Connect with classmates and faculty anywhere*
  • Develop mobile technology skills employers require
  • Study with convenience, on the go*

At Saint Mary’s, every student enjoys the same high-tech, high-quality learning experience—wherever they are.

iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
*iPad is wifi-enabled only.

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