Sep 17 2017

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MAT Percentile Predictor

Practice on MAT Mocks and thereafter your performance in actual May MAT 2017 on May 7 in PBT or on May 13 in CBT format can be gauged only when you come to know about the raw and percentile score, you will get in the MAT exam. Top MAT colleges cut offs will be higher than other B-schools. On the basis of MAT exam score, the MAT colleges will shortlist you on the basis of your high percentile that you score in MAT 2017 May exam.

There is a tendency to claim high accuracy after every MAT exam and it has never been proved to be correct. So the very first thing is that you should not expect more than 80 to 85 percent accuracy in different sections in May MAT exam.

The percentile calculation in May MAT 2017 exam is based upon your raw score in the 4 sections and keeping the 5th section on Indian Global environment section out. Your MAT percentile score predicted in accordance with your performance will determine whether you would be shortlisted by top MAT colleges or will have to opt for second or third tier B-schools.

The percentile score in MAT exam indicates the percentage of examinees who scored below the candidate based on the total MAT exam taking candidates. The percentile figure may change with increase or decrease in number of MAT test takers and their scoring pattern.

The MAT Percentile Predictor prepared by top experts is based upon the AIMA’s-MAT 2017 percentile calculation formula that describes that scores on Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Data analysis Sufficiency and Intelligence Critical Reasoning are reported on scales ranging from 0 to 100 in MAT exam. Scores below 20 or above 80 are rare.

The Composite Score in MAT 2017 result will be reported on a scale ranging from 199 to 801, but extreme scores below 200 or above 800 are uncommon. These uncommon scores i.e. all below 200 are reported as 199 and all above 800 are reported as 801.

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