Nov 27 2016

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Ministry of Education

  • Airport road, Riyadh 11148
  • Tel: 1 404 2888 / 1 404 2952 Fax: 1 401 2365
  • Jeddah Tel: 2 643 4682

The Ministry of Education is responsible for the provision of free general education in primary, intermediate and secondary schools. and the establishment of educational services for the handicapped. It also has a responsibility for antiquities and museums.

From the very formation of the Kingdom, education was seen to be of primary importance. One of the first acts of King Abdul Aziz (Ibn Saud ) was to convene an educational gathering in the Holy City of Makkah with a view to initiating the promotion and establishment of educational resources throughout the land.

Secondary school in Al-Ola

Profile of Saudi Arabia

The Country Profile contains thousands of pages of information on every aspect of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including its geography, history and development (political, economic and social).

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