Jan 31 2017

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#ministry of education site


Weekly Directors Meetings (every Monday)

Stakeholders Consultative Forum on the Conversion of Polytechnics into Technical Universities

1st Meeting with Heads of Agencies**

Director, PBME

  • 2nd week: Staff training on New Appraisal forms Director, HR
  • 2nd week:

    Key Deliverables/Work Plan preparation for 2015

    Director, PBME

  • 3rd week: Presentation of final version of 2014 Annual Performance Report by 15th January, 2015 Director, PBME
  • 3rd week: Input to SONA with Agencies/Working Session Director, PBME
  • 4th week: Monthly Monitoring visits to schools sites/Agencies ** Director, PBME
  • 4th week: Workshop on Legislative Drafting Director, Tertiary
  • 4th week: 1st Meeting on the State of Education** Director, Tertiary & Pre-Tertiary
  • 4th week: Discussion of Document on Establishment of the National Research Fund** Director, Tertiary
  • 4th week:

    Ministerial Advisory Board Meeting**

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