Nov 8 2016

Moodle in English: Good examples of Moodle sites? #good #learning #sites

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Moodle in English

It’s not particularly obvious that OpenLearn is a Moodle site unless you’re already in the know, is it?

However a Google search lead me to The Problem With OpenLearn. an article which poses a lot of pertinent questions aboutOpenLearn and also makes it clear that it’s a Moodle site.

“As to the delivery of OpenLearn content via Moodle, I do think this represented something of a lack of vision. The idea of making OpenLearn content in a learning environment, rather than just releasing it via lists of materials in an opencourseware micro-site, was something of a novel initiative at the time, I think, Connexions aside, maybe? (which doesn’t say much for the rest of the OER community’s efforts in this area.

But as far as innovating in the delivery of online course material, I’d agree that OpenLearn/Moodle was as boring as hell. And not particularly well executed (the navigation is lousy; the search is poor; the aesthetic is pretty mundane, the usability is questionable, and so on (my browser shortcut to a Moodle test server I used to run was ‘muddle’ .

This is all pretty much par for the course across a lot of “elearning” though, so I won’t labour the point here (maybe I’ll do another post about that in the next week or two.

Anyway – is OpenLearn making right content available. and is it just another document dump?”

Though it’s not fair to make Moodle responsible for OpenLearn being a “document dump” (I think it’s actually a bit more than that) when some Moodle courses are not. “A bad worker blames his tools”, Moodle will do what a teacher wants: an interactive, constructivist course is certainly possible on Moodle even if they aren’t yet the norm.

We are using Moodle for the OurSubject Specialist Online Community (hosted at University of Huddersfield, UK). I agree that Moodle is very flexible and it is doing what we want.

I must say that there are some errors/problems and I had to do some cheeky hacks to get it to do what we want quickly; not Moodle’s fault though. Also, our requirements allowed the freedom to fix the number of sections to 3 and have fixed number of resources in each section, etc. (though all of these can be expanded).

We have 1000s of users from multiple institutions across UK and use different authentications for different institutions (shibboleth. external database. etc.). In general, we had good feedback from our users on many aspect of the site.

Visit Click the ‘about OurSubject’ logo at the footer to see the link to the Demo area (some blocks and functions are not available in this guest area). Also see a pdf document explaining various functions.

Hope it will be of some use to the Moodle community.

Re: Good examples of Moodle sites?

Четверг, 11 Март 2010, 07:02

I like it a lot!

Are you in a position to release your theme and changes back to the community through the Moodle site?

Re: Good examples of Moodle sites?

Понедельник, 15 Март 2010, 23:49

Of course Jon. I had a look through the code again (it’s been a year now) and currently, the theme has some site specific tweaks (as I mentioned earlier) and is not fully documented for the general community users. Now that Moodle 2 is coming out, I am thinking about upgrading the theme. Once it is done I will try and post a more generic version to the Moodle Themes database too.

Note: the tabbed look was inspired by tabbed course format posted by Jeremy FitzPatrick though it would need some coding to make it work for recent versions of Moodle.

Many thanks for your kind words.

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