Nov 13 2016

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Nationally Recognized online degree programs

Discover our Online Degree Programs

DeVry University offers online education, allowing you to fulfill your coursework anywhere, at any time. With this kind of flexibility you can fit earning your degree into your busy schedule. And our programs for online college degrees have the same dedicated professors and staff supporting you as if you were in an actual classroom. You even have a core team of Student Services Advisors who specialize in guiding students like you through your academic career. We’ll help you select classes and develop a plan of study. What’s more, you also have the option to take select courses at your local Devry campus if you prefer.

Explore the online degree programs available at DeVry below.

College of Business Management

College of Engineering Information Sciences

College of Health Sciences

College of Liberal Arts Sciences

College of Media Arts Technology

Keller Graduate School of Management

Through our learning management platform, you can find all your course information online, from assignment due dates to discussion topics. Read about class objectives and review key concepts from each week’s materials. Engage in discussions with professors and classmates to help grow communication skills. Our online courses even feature enhanced learning materials designed to keep you interested and focused in what you’re learning. Find out more about how our online classes work by watching the online college course demo.

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