May 18 2017

Online Educational Games for Classroom and Home Practice #websites #for #educational #games

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Online Educational Games for Classroom and Home Practice

Games have long been a favorite activity for children. In our digital, media rich world today, gaming has become a huge industry for not only children, but adults as well. In the classroom educational games can be used to introduce and/or practice skills. Students become highly motivated when playing online computer games. There are so many amazing FREE online games out there that you can easily add to your class website or use on your interactive whiteboard.

Here are a few of my favorite FREE websites that you can go to for tried and true educational games.

The Computer Lab Favorites from is a good resource of 50+ games that can be easily integrated in your curriculum. From reading interactive Clifford Storybooks in the primary grades to creating a character scrapbook or cleaning up the beach by sorting nouns and verbs in upper elementary grades, there are activities for all elementary students. has an amazing collection of Pre-K through 12th grade games and activities that you and your students will love. The organization of the activities is well done and easy to navigate. The website is very good at updating its list of games and making sure all of its links work. This truly is a one stop shop of educational tools including online games, technology how to’s, and grade leveled help that I always point my teachers towards.

Gamequarium is an excellent collection of technology tools for the classroom K-6. There are educational videos along with many games that are easy to search for and are even rated by other players.

BBC School Students has a variety of games from Wordbender to telling time. This website has some great student friendly games for ages 4-16 as well as resources for teachers and video clips to enhance your curriculum.

Starfall is a favorite for many primary teachers for teaching reading. They have a great resource for interactive letter work and emerging readers. I use Starfall daily with my students who need letter work because it is simple to use and gives the students real time instruction and practice with the letters.

AAA Math has math games for grades K-8 as well as some spelling and vocabulary games. The games are not animated or with sound but they do give students practice on a ton of different math skills. I know many colleagues use this website with students.

This website has games and activities for students in the primary grades. I don’t feel this website is organized for easy navigation and I have found it can be overly distracting for students if not focused, but you can find some beneficial games on it.

Funbrain has a selection of games that range from counting to prefixes. The screen size of the game is small and there is no sound or animation, but I do use these games and I have found that kids still like them. As with the other game websites it does have immediate feedback, which is crucial for instruction or independent practice.

Some of our readers shared their favorite websites for educational games through our survey on our last blog. These were new websites for me so thank you for sharing them with us.

This website has fun games such as boat racing, drag car racing, and space racing to practice a variety of skills from simple addition to verbs. These games are sure to get kids approval.

You can add your own content into the games- Spelling lists, vocabulary words, and math facts in these games. used to be a free site that has now moved to membership. They have some wonderful games that I used to use often with my students.

I hope this collection of educational games will assist you and your students. Remember that this is a gaming generation of kids and using their interest to our advantage in the classroom will benefit us all. I would love to hear of any other educational gaming websites that you use and/or how the ones I have shared work in your classroom. Happy gaming!

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