Feb 15 2018

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Online / Distance Learning

Columbus State’s online/distance learning (DL) offerings are a unique alternative to traditional on-campus learning. Online/distance learning allows students from around the city or around the globe to learn, using the latest interactive web and video technologies, without the limits of time and place.

What is Online Learning?

Web Courses – Web course instruction is held completely online, although most web courses require testing at one of the CSCC testing sites. Learn more.

Blended Courses (Hybrid) – A blended course is an online course with required real-time, face-to-face sessions. Blended course instruction is split between learning activities online and in a specified location, based on course content. Learn more.

How do I get Started?

Introduction to Sociology

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State Authorization

Online learning sites for students

Columbus State offers Online/Distance Learning courses to students in every state as well as the District of Columbia. This is accomplished through membership in NC-SARA, the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements. Forty-eight states comprise SARA which provides a regulatory framework for students and institutions. To learn more about NC-SARA, please visit –

The college also has permission from the two non-SARA states – California and Massachusetts – to offer online education.

Professional Licensure

Out-of-state students who are seeking a professional license program at Columbus State should first contact their home state licensing agency. NC-SARA does not provide reciprocity for these programs and Ohio licensing requirements may not meet the criteria of other states.

Online learning sites for students CURRENT STUDENTS

Online learning sites for students

Online learning sites for students

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