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OpenStack Solutions at Cisco #openstack #cinder


OpenStack Solutions at Cisco

Choose Cisco for Your OpenStack Cloud

Faster Cloud Deployment

OpenStack reduces the time required to integrate and test cloud platform software components. Similarly, Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure simplifies the integration and deployment of the underlying hardware. Use Cisco’s group policy approach to further accelerate deployment though smart automation.

Scalable, High Performing Platforms

Cisco UCS and Nexus solutions provide industry-leading performance and Cisco architecture is simple and cost-effective to scale as demand rises.

Broad Ecosystem and Access to Innovation

Open APIs allow technology suppliers to plug their solutions into the OpenStack platform and interoperate with other components and solutions. This gives cloud providers and users easy access to new cloud technologies and tools and helps you stay competitive.

Reduced Risk with Validated Designs

Cisco conducts rigorous testing and validation to produce Cisco Validated Designs with detailed implementation instructions. Cisco OpenStack Consulting Services can provide assistance with all stages of cloud planning, design, and implementation.

Seamless Hybrid Operations

The combination of Cisco Intercloud Fabric and OpenStack allows cloud applications or services (or parts of applications or services, known as containers) to be moved from one cloud environment to another, transparently to the end user. This capability gives IT more flexibility to help ensure high availability, recover from interuptions, and keep operating costs low.

Cisco’s OpenStack solutions are designed for rapid delivery of applications and services—whether you choose to build and operate OpenStack yourself, or use Cisco’s fully managed on-premises solution. In either case, you can leverage the benefits of Cisco UCS infrastructure, which integrates compute, network, storage, security, and management resources into a single, centrally managed and easily automated platform.

Cisco Metacloud
This is a fully-managed, on-premises private cloud that Cisco builds, deploys and operates for you 24 hours a day. This production-ready OpenStack solution includes developer-friendly tools for fast and easy provisioning of cloud applications. Cisco Services handles all of the infrastructure operation and deployment, leaving you free to focus on development of applications and services. The underlying Cisco UCS infrastructure with unified networking provides unmatched speed, scalability, and efficiency for your private cloud.

Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with Red Hat OpenStack Platform
For organizations taking an IT-led approach to building and operating a private cloud, Cisco works closely with the leading provider of open source software to ensure tight integration of Cisco infrastructure with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. Cisco Validated Designs and Reference Architectures give you a proven and tested solution that reduces the time and risk of deploying cloud infrastructure. Cisco Solution Support provides solution expertise and accountability for centralized issue management and resolution across your OpenStack environment.

FlexPod for Red Hat OpenStack Platform
Based on Cisco UCS servers, Cisco Nexus switches, and NetApp FAS and E-Series storage, FlexPod provides a flexible, open and integrated foundation for enterprise-grade OpenStack cloud deployment. FlexPod is designed for robust operation and the powerful storage and management features of NetApp extend the value of your OpenStack cloud environment. With this stable, dependable environment, you can move production workloads to the cloud with confidence.

Cisco Intercloud Fabric
Cisco Intercloud Fabric is an open and flexible solution that helps ensure the same network security and access control policies are used with workloads, whether they are located on internal servers, in on-premise clouds, or in a public cloud. The solution works with any hypervisor, including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Citrix, and integrates with Cisco Powered Cloud Providers to build a powerful hybrid cloud.

  • Assessment Validation
  • Design Deployment

These services accelerate implementation and time-to-value of your OpenStack cloud, resulting in a better cloud experience for end users and customers, while driving down costs, and reducing the risks associated with new technology adoption.

Cisco UCS® Integrated Infrastructure
Virtualized infrastructure is the foundation of cloud environments. Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure combines industry-standard Intel® Xeon® based servers with advanced fabric networking and storage access, into a unified system managed from a single interface. This innovative design streamlines network operations and delivers greater computing density in a smaller footprint, resulting in lower capital and operating costs. Cisco unifies infrastructure resources to enable faster, more secure deployment and provide a strong foundation for software-defined infrastructure management.

Cisco enables industry-leading Cisco infrastructure components to be deployed and managed through the OpenStack cloud platform. Cisco is recognized by Gartner and IDC as a leader in integrated systems for the data center. The portfolio infrastrucure product includes:

Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) for OpenStack
The Cisco APIC Driver for OpenStack allows you to use existing OpenStack networking APIs, interfaces, and automation tools with the performance, scalability, flexibility, and visibility of Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI). This solution automatically manages connectivity across both physical and virtual switches.

Cisco Cloud Services Router 1000V
The 1000V is a router and network services platform in a virtual form factor that you can deploy in cloud and virtual data centers. The 1000V lowers the barriers to enterprise adoption of a hybrid cloud model by extending the enterprise WAN to off-premises clouds and cloud providers.

Cisco MDS Cloud Integration
Cisco MDS products are the industry-leading SAN choice for meeting cloud requirements for block storage. They integrate easily with cloud management software to improve efficiency and speed service delivery.

Cisco Nexus 1000V Switch
This Cisco virtual networking solution for OpenStack provides a proven, enterprise-class infrastructure that is easy to deploy, manage, and operate. It supports multiple hypervisors and multiple networking services, and is tightly integrated with multiple cloud management tools.

Transition to Containers

Cisco ACI and Container Virtualization (PDF – 504 KB)

Cisco CSR Solution

Cisco overcomes a limitation of OpenStack Neutron. (3:16 min)

Learn more about Cisco Solutions for deploying OpenStack.

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Considerations for Operating an OpenStack Cloud
Slideshare technical presentation – November 14, 2014 (49 slides)

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